The OXXO of the future… there are no more tellers


Has it happened to you that you go to the OXXO and the second cashier is never open? Well, the store brand has just opened its first fully digital store, in which there are no tellers.

This first store is located at the Tec de Monterrey, Monterrey campus, Nuevo León, and is called Grab & Go.

In Grab & Go, customers enter the store through a QR code, take their products, and the payment is made automatically when leaving the establishment. They receive the purchase ticket on their cell phone, through an app.

“At OXXO we endorse our commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction through an improvement in the shopping experience. Through Grab & Go, we seek to offer a unique shopping experience, driven by technology that is replicable and relocatable in universities, plazas, and parks,” said Ricardo Leyva, director of Transformation and Strategic Planning at OXXO.

This is how OXXO operates without cashiers.

This store will operate through an artificial intelligence system, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, which identify each customer, as well as the products they take.

Thanks to the 100 percent digital system, in this store you only have to take your products and leave the store, immediately the camera and technology system will automatically charge the products and you will receive your ticket.

In order to use this store for the first time, customers must:

Download and install the OXXO SMART TEC GRAB & GO app.

Register your data.

Add a credit or debit card.

A QR code will be generated.

Scan the QR code when entering the store.

This OXXO store without tellers is, according to Fomento Económico Mexicano SA (FEMSA), the first of its kind in Latin America. The technology is similar to the stores that Amazon has opened in the United States, for example.

Source: Radio Formula