Mexicana makes it in London with its brand of artisanal sauces


Alexa Fernández is a young Mexican woman who made a new life in London, where she found that there was a significant gap in chili-based products. She quickly seized that opportunity to tap into her cultural roots and create a brand of artisan salsas that celebrates the spirit of Mexico.

An authentic Mexican sauce brand in London

Chili Maven was born out of Alexa’s love for macha sauce. She began making and testing different varieties of this sauce with family and friends until she found the star recipe. Finally, she shared the recipe with Sergio and Jacqueline, who are in charge of making the sauces from Mexico using local ingredients.

All sauces are handcrafted in small batches to monitor quality. Chili Maven’s macha sauce is prepared with a delicious oil of dried chilies, garlic, nuts, and other ingredients to create a unique experience for the palate. And although by its name it seems that it is a very spicy product, the reality is that it is a very friendly recipe prepared so that anyone can give a Mexican touch to their food.

There are some 4,000 varieties of chili in the world and Alexa wants to educate people about this part of gastronomy, starting with the 200 varieties that exist in Mexico. This goal that has been set has been successful, as Chili Maven sauces can now be found in various outlets and restaurants throughout London.

Source: The Monopolitan