Maya Train construction work vehicle ran over an endangered Jaguar in Quintana Roo


Environmental activists blamed the works of the Mayan Train for the alleged run-over of a jaguar on a highway in Cancun.

The specimen (Panthera onca) would have been displaced by the work of the Federal Government.

“We are filled with courage, we remember that a very short time ago another jaguar was run over nearby, we found out she was a pregnant female, and we environmentalists want to know who the hell is responsible for these atrocities,” said the founder of the Cenotes Urbanos project, José Urbina, in an interview with Reforma.

“You see how they are cutting down the jungle, they began to cut down 10 million trees without even having the Environmental Impact Statement, which does not have the change in land use, that they are drilling into the jungle, which is impacting the aquifer,” he added.

The jaguar, approximately four years old and weighing 40 kilos, was found lifeless on February 2 and transferred to an enclosure to perform the corresponding necropsy.

“The @ PROFEPA _Mx constitutes the administrative process for the legal purposes that may apply in the event that information is obtained from the alleged perpetrator,” he posted on his Twitter account (@PROFEPA_Mx).

Source: 24 horas

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