Migrants at the Mexico-US border are not having a Merry Christmas


Thousands of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border face the cold and uncertainty going into the Christmas season.

Hundreds bundled in coats and blankets were lined up at the crossing near Juarez on Thursday, hoping the holiday period will bring answers about whether they can seek asylum in the United States.

Many had hoped that entry would be easier after a deadline to lift COVID-era restrictions on Wednesday, but the Supreme Court ruled to let the policy, so-called Title 42, stay in place.

“We’re waiting. Here they say one thing, then half an hour later, they say something else. That’s the situation. We don’t know anything,” said Vanessa Revenga, who has made her way from Venezuela.

It’s one of the countries, along with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico, where U.S. authorities can rapidly expel migrants to under Title 42 – without a chance to seek asylum.

President Joe Biden’s administration has asked the Supreme Court to leave Title 42 in place until after Dec. 27.

For Christmas Rodriguez, Christmas will make things even harder for her and her two children, who don’t know where they will sleep.

In other northern Mexico cities, like Matamoros – migrants aren’t faring much better.

Hundreds plan to spend the holiday cold in tents, many having spent two and a half months there hoping for a change in U.S. policy.

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico

Mexico Daily Post