The Cancun Airport is expected to end the year with 35.6 million roundtrip seats sold


Cancun Airport will end 2022 with 35.6 million roundtrip seats for sale, according to Cirium data, up by an extraordinary 7.7 million (28%) over 2019, although helped by that year not being quite as well-served as 2018. In passenger terms, 22.4 million passed through the airport between January and September 2022, with a record-breaking 28/29 million expected for the whole year. Compared to 2019, 2022 has seen twice as many international seats added as domestic ones.

International has 64% of the market

Of Cancun’s 35.6 million seats this year, some 22.8 million were international. The airport has never had so much international capacity, as clearly shown in the figure below, with the market doubling in size in the past decade, according to Cirium.

In 2022, 64% of Cancun’s seats were international. Despite the growth, that isn’t a record: it had a higher proportion in 15 of the 18 years since 2004. It simply means that Cancun’s domestic market has been fast-growing too, mainly because of ULCCs.

31 international countries

This year, Cancun had international flights to 31 countries, two more than in 2019. Unlike that pre-pandemic year, there were flights from Austria (returned in 2021, having last been served in 2006), Dominican Republic (last served in 2010), Nicaragua (not had Cancun flights since 2004), and Venezuela (returned in 2020; previously served in 2015). However, it lost Ecuador and Ireland service, the latter by TUI, although it resumes next summer.

Source of data: Cirium.

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