Disney Magic returns to Progreso Yucatan


“Cruise activity in Yucatan continues to bring tourists with high purchasing power who leave a high economic income, boosting jobs for progressive families and the development of our state,” after once again receiving the “Disney Magic” cruise that brought a total of 2,549 passengers on board and 1,012 crew members to the Yucatecan port to enjoy the beauties and culture, according to authorities.
Coming from Galveston, Texas, United States, this Disney Cruise Line cruise ship arrived at the International Cruise Terminal at the Port of Altura de Progreso at 6 in the morning, from where it will set sail for Cozumel with 3,561 people on board, and finally it will return to the North American state.

On November 22, Yucatan received the Disney Magic cruise for the first time, thanks to the strategy headed by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to promote the state’s attractions and improve the conditions of Progress so that more and more cruise ships arrive in the entity. like this luxury vessel that on that occasion brought a total of 3,611 people on board.

From January to November of this year, Yucatan has received a total of 86 cruises with 179,054 passengers, a figure that has placed Progreso in seventh place nationally in cruise ship arrivals.

Also in this year the first arrivals of the cruise ships were registered: World Voyager of the shipping company Mystic Cruises (January 6); Ocean Voyager of the American Queen Voyages shipping company (January 9); Norwegian Prima of the Norwegian Cruise Line shipping company (October 29); Disney Magic from Disney Cruise Lines (November 22); Le Bellot from the Ponant shipping company (December 9) and Radiance of the Seas from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line shipping company (December 15).

By 2023, the arrival of 79 more cruises is scheduled to bring 197,600 passengers, among them, again the Disney Magic cruise that returns on January 25, February 15, March 30 and April 4; which endorses the confidence of the shipping industry in Yucatan to include the entity in its itineraries.

It should be remembered that Yucatan is at its best moment with the reactivation of this sector accompanied by a strong effort by Vila Dosal to improve the infrastructure of the Progreso port, which has allowed the arrival of large cruise ships, such as the luxury Disney Wonder that received last year the Governor, promoting through this type of tourism, an important economic benefit for the benefit of local families that depend on this item.

The current administration has opted for the transformation of Progreso to offer new attractions and experiences for visitors such as the recently inaugurated Museum of the Meteorite “The origin of the new life”, a recreational space that introduces its visitors to the biological history since the impact of the meteorite 66 million years ago, the Jurassic Trail that exposes dinosaurs of different species, most of them life-size and with robotic technology.

In a team with the federal government, the parks of the Chicxulub, Chuburná and Chelem police stations have been remodeled, the Malecón de Progreso and the Casa de la Cultura have been remodeled, as well as the Callejón del Amor.

Just as more than 25 million pesos have been allocated to improve the drinking water infrastructure, we donated garbage trucks, motorcycles to collect payments for this service, and garbage containers, as well as the resurfacing of more than 33 kilometers of streets in jointly with the City Council and the delivery of ambulances and patrols for the security of the municipality.

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