This is the AMOUNT of MONEY with which you can enter and leave Mexico


If you go over this amount and do not declare it, you can pay a fine or even go to jail.

If you make an international trip this end of the year; either because you enter Mexico to visit your relatives, or because you go on vacation to another place; You should know that there are amounts of money with which you can enter or leave the country without declaring to customs.

In Mexico, there is a money limit with which you can cross the border without declaring it. If you exceed this amount, your obligation is to inform customs and pay the corresponding tax. If you do not declare, you can face fines to prison sentences.

How much is the amount?

This limit, according to the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is up to 10,000 dollars, or just under 200,000 Mexican pesos. People from any nationality, not only Mexicans are required to declare.

What are the sanctions?

You could be credited with a fine of 20% to 40% on the amount that exceeds 10 thousand dollars, according to the authorities.

If you exceed $30,000, you could be sentenced to three to six months in jail. On the other hand, the excess amount would go to the federal treasury, except in the case in which the lawful origin of the money is demonstrated.

If the legal origin of the money is not proven, people could receive a sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison, in addition to a 1,000 to 5,000 of diary minimum wages equivalent in fines.

How do I declare the money?

When entering the country, you must notify through the Customs Declaration for passengers from abroad. In case of leaving the country, you must fill out the Money Declaration, passenger departure.

For the Mexican government, cash, national or foreign checks, payment orders and other documents that you carry with you, including any combination, are considered money.

Finally, remember that the same amount of 10 thousand dollars applies when entering the United States.