What are the careers that upper class people study?


According with the Inegi, studies revealed that wealthy people in Mexico are those who have a monthly income of around 77 thousand pesos, which is why they have the possibility of affording some of the degrees in the most expensive and prestigious university schools in the country.

Some of them are the Tecnológico de Monterrey, La Ibero, La Salle, ITAM among others.

These schools is not exclusive to the upper classes because the institutions contemplate some scholarships of up to one hundred percent so that students of any economic status can access them.

What are the careers that are most in demand?

According to data from the Tecnológico de Monterrey there is a high demand for the following degrees, which are also among the most expensive.

Business Administration

Graphic and digital design:




Computer Science and Information Systems

These careers also have their different modalities and according to what they present in their educational offer, there are different ways to be able to study it, not only in Mexico, but also in other countries thanks to their school exchanges.

These are the careers with the most demand and the most expensive ones that could come out for the upper class in Mexico.

Source: Milenio