How To Double Up Your Profits Using Instagram Stories?


Instagram Stories are a great way to double up your profits if you use them wisely. With the right visuals and captivating content, Instagram Stories can be one of the most powerful tools for boosting your business’ success. Most successful companies use VistaCreate to produce compelling content that sells.

Using Instagram Stories comes with many advantages, such as increased engagement and reach, improved brand awareness and loyalty, higher conversion rates, and a better customer experience. Also, when used correctly, you can easily monitor trends in your audience’s behavior. This data helps shape content tailored to different user segments, which helps maximize profit margins from these campaigns.

By leveraging the power of Vista Create’s intuitive design tools, you can ensure that each story is compelling and targeted at the right audience. Below are some more tips to utilize the maximum potential of your IG stories.[1] 

1.   Stick to your brand’s identity

The first and most important thing you should do to make your brand’s story stand out from the crowd is to give it a distinct, consistent identity.

For example, choosing a certain type of color, text style, gif, or template will help give your story a more recognizable, personalized look. This will in turn help the audience recognize your brand’s stories without having to check your username and also create a visual relationship with the brand.

2.   Use product stickers

There are a wide array of stickers available on Instagram. Among them, one of the best stickers to use for promoting a specific product is by using product stickers. Product stickers are a compressive way to tag your product link right in your Instagram story so that the user does not have to go all the way to your profile or website to look for that particular product. These stickers can be placed anywhere and on any kind of story, whether it’s an image or a video in the background. Plus, the sticker can be altered to fit according to the aesthetic of your story.

However, there are a few qualifications required for your Instagram account so that you can use product stickers. The first thing is that your account should be a business account; a regular account won’t have the option of attaching product stickers. Secondly, your Instagram app should be updated to the latest version, this goes for both iOS and Android devices. Another thing that you should be careful about is that your product should comply with Instagram’s commerce and e-trade policies and be in accordance with the commerce product merchant agreement.

3.   Engage with your audience

Let’s be real, everyone likes the idea of feeling included. We tend to gravitate towards relatable businesses and social media users who make us feel included through their stories or posts. Hence, making your followers interact with your stories will help boost your sales to an applaudable degree. How do you do that?

The trend is simple: you can make your followers feel more included by posting a questionnaire in your stories or doing a live session. The questionnaire is a sticker that allows your followers to ask personalized questions and give recommendations when posted on your stories. This way, you will engage your audience more, making them feel that they are being heard and are important to you.

The second way to engage your audience is through a live session. A live session will allow you (the brand owner or a representative) to express yourself in your raw form. Plus, live sessions also include the option of chatting, through which the audience will be able to send you questions that you can read and respond to at the same time.

4.   Organize contests

One of the best ways to promote a product is by organizing a contest on your Instagram story or feed. A contest creates a buzz among the people who follow you, which may or may not lead them to tell their friends and peers about your profile.

The best part about organizing contests on stories is that they last for about 24 hours. This means that there will be haste among interested viewers to participate in the contest as soon as possible. You can attach a video or a photograph of the prize with the rules for entering the contest to create more excitement among the followers.

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