What are HHC Dabs, and how do they work?


HHC dabs are a fun way to get your HHC. You can expect to experience a quicker onset, stronger, and more potent effect than any other cannabinoid dabs.

In this article, we will go over the various types of dabs as well as the benefits of using them.

What is HHC?

According to research, tetrahydrocannabinol is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants. However, it’s not as dominant as CBD or THC. HHC isn’t a brand-new cannabinoid. Science discovered it more than 80 years ago. During the 1940s, Roger Adams, a chemist, discovered HHC when hydrogen was combined with THC. After that, hemp was largely forgotten until Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018, legalizing it.

The legalization of hemp opened up new opportunities for cannabis retail sales. Soon, consumers had access to a wide range of exciting and buzzy cannabinoid products. Although HHC can give users a high, the compound is not as potent as delta-9 THC. Most research shows that HHC is about 80% more potent than traditional cannabis and 30%-40% stronger than delta 8. This makes it an exciting new compound. If user reports are to be believed, HHC’s psychoactivity can not be ignored.

HHC, a legal and psychoactive cannabinoid, began to be used in a wide range of products.

  • HHC edibles
  • Oils containing HHC
  • HHC vape products
  • HHC flower
  • HHC dabs and concentrates

What are HHC Dabs, and What Do Different Types of Dabs Do?

Dabs are concentrated hemp extracts that are made by treating hemp with a solvent, such as butane. They are heated on a hot surface (usually metal and glass) and inhale the vapors. There are solvent-free extraction methods available, but they can be more costly and take longer to complete.

All methods of extracting cannabis/hemp leaves involve removing trichomes. Trichomes, which are crystal-like fragments on cannabis/hemp leaves containing terpenes and cannabinoids, are removed by all extraction methods. In order to determine the strength and texture of dabs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Source Material – Whole plant, trimming, buds, hash, etc.

Method- Solvent Extraction or Solvent-Less Extraction

Techniques for Post Extraction: Dewaxing and Winterization. Whipping, etc.

There are many types of dab products on the market today, including oil, sauces, diamonds, and crumble. We’ll be breaking down some of the most popular forms of hemp-derived dabs.

Oil (Distillate).- The most popular type of dab in the hemp-derived industry is oil. It is versatile because of its oily consistency. It can be used to make edibles, topicals, vape cartridges, and other products.

Wax-Wax can be used to describe any soft, malleable dab. The term wax can also be used to describe more complex forms like sugar, crumble and batter. The solvent extraction process using butane is the most common way to create wax. This can be dipped in a traditional manner and added to blunts, joints, bowls, or other places for extra potency.

Crumble– Crumble wax is looser than other types and is dryer than its counterparts. This is a Crumble because it’s dried in a vacuum oven for long periods of time after extraction.

Live Resin is made from frozen hemp plants harvested at harvest. It is kept frozen during the extraction process. Live Resin is made from solvents and has a thicker, oilier texture. This is the most effective way to retain terpenes, their strong fragrance, and flavor profiles.

Diamonds are usually made up of one compound. They are more like isolated product than full-spectrum product that contains all the cannabinoids in the plant. They are so pure that they can form crystals like diamonds.

What are the benefits of dabbing versus other methods of consumption?

Before we begin, let us say that dabbing is not for everyone. If you’re a beginner, we wouldn’t recommend that you jump right into dabbing. Dabs can be safely consumed and have many benefits.

Potency– Dabs have a high level of potency, as they are concentrated extracts that allow for greater purity. This is great for those who are sensitive to THC or just want to enjoy the experience.

Flavor– All the forms of the dab, including those that are not listed above, offer “terpy” flavor. No matter what form they take, high-quality concentrates will retain the aroma and flavor of the original plant that was used in their extraction.

Cleaner- Concentrates that have been properly made eliminate most of the unwanted substances that you get from using THC in other ways while still delivering a full set of cannabinoids and flavonoids.

Faster Effects- The best way to relieve chronic pain and extreme nausea is with a concentrate.

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