7 Most Promising Mexican Startups in 2022


Many successful companies are once startups, and Mexico has been home to numerous of these startups, as they get funded by investors. Most of these startups arise in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. Now, you’ll get to know the promising startups that have managed to grow their startup companies and create names in the business and tech industry.

1. Tu Hogar Mexico

Tu Hogar Mexico has developed an online platform that supports estate sales by helping buyers get the right property for them. This B2B company has been specializing in Real Estate for 10 years, with their projects intended within the Mexican Republic. 

2. Bitso

Bitso claims to be the first crypto unicorn in Latin America, established in 2014. With the top real money casinos online using cryptocurrency over the recent years, Bitso can handle its exchanges with its transparency and risk management features.

This startup already has 18 investors and over $378 million in funding with associated partners such as The Blockchain Alliance, Cámara Argentina de Fintech, Fintech Mexico, and more. They have partnered with these associations to regulate, discuss and promote the openness of crypto and other best practices.

3. Kavak

Kavak was founded in October 2016 by a used-car seller, Carlos García Ottati. As Carlos moved to Mexico, he bought a used car but later discovered it had mechanical problems. He started with the realization that there can be risks if there’s no transparency or guarantee with such transactions with used cars and brought this pitch to the market.

Now, Kavak features its website with information for purchasing and selling used or old vehicles and has 17 investors and 500-1000 employees. 

4. Tudepa.com

Selling properties online has been possible with Tudepa.com, as users can get all the information on affordable real estate in Mexico City. The platform features commercial, residential, and even industrial properties that need selling or preselling.

5. Clip

Clip serves as a terminal for several types of electronic payments. It started in 2012 and has over $374 million in funding, 16 investors with 250-500 employees. Generally, this company lets consumers and businesses transact by turning mobile devices into card terminals.

6. Jüsto

The Jüsto app is a digital market that allows users to order groceries at home. With  Jüsto, You can order various vegetables, fruits, and meat products and have them delivered to you easily. Also, this startup supports Mexican SMEs, giving them opportunities for fair trade.

7. Holii 3D

Holii 3D is a platform that revolutionizes using immersive 3D presentations. With their virtual tours or 360 videos, these are perfect for clients in industries such as real estate, construction, hotels and restaurants, vacation or home rentals, retail, transportation, and more.

Mexican Startups on the Rise

Promising startups have a lot to offer, such as API services and financial transaction solutions, with their hundred million funding and revenue even to a billion dollars. As a result, these Mexican startups have paved their way in the tech industry and provided real-world solutions with their innovations.

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