Morena approves last-minute initiative featuring reforms that affect the INE


With unusual haste and an initiative presented minutes before its discussion, Morena and his allies approved this morning reforms to six laws that reduce powers and compact the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the federal Electoral Tribunal.

As these are secondary reforms that do not require a qualified vote, the pro-government alliance endorsed the initiatives by a simple majority.

The opposition accused Morena of cheating and defined the process as untidy and illegal.

Different speakers presented suspensive motions to debate the initiatives in commissions, but they were rejected.

After the round of speakers that set positions, the deputies of the opposition bloc left the plenary session of San Lázaro in protest of the “legislative sloppiness” and did not participate in the vote in person.

PAN member Jorge Triana said in a rostrum that AMLO was promoting “a gross sabotage” to the 2024 electoral process. Surrounded by PAN deputies, who covered his mouth with gobs that had the legend: “Let Mexico speak”, Triana led the exit in silence from the enclosure.

The morenistas yelled, “Out with the traitors!”

Morenista Leonel Godoy said that the opposition abandonment was an undemocratic attitude and affirmed that the reforms to 6 secondary laws were intended to save 3 billion pesos.

Previously, MC’s Salomón Chertorivski noted that the decision was unprecedented.

“It is a spurious reform, a shameful procedure; I anticipate that the Senate will not dispense with the procedures and it will have to be discussed, and if it is in favor, we will see you in Court; there are already precedents and unanimously, they are going to amend us again The flat”.

Carlos Puente, of the Green Party, supported the vote in favor of his party for “Plan B”, “because the opposition closed the spaces” of an agreement. The PVEM amended the government initiative to guarantee provisions that would not affect their registration and would allow them to keep remnants of public financing for several years.

Compact, the opposition block (PAN, PRI, PRD, and MC) had previously contained the intention of the federal government to suppress the INE through constitutional reform. However, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, delivered at noon the so-called “Plan B” with non-constitutional modifications to secondary electoral laws.

Among the most important changes is the disappearance of INE directorates, the suppression of its strategic Executive Board, giving of temporary electoral bodies in the district boards so that only 260 work instead of 300.

The administrative adjustment should be ready in 2023 and the other electoral procedure changes will apply to the 2024 presidential elections.

The reform modifies the beginning of the electoral day from September to November of the year prior to a constitutional election.

It is also proposed to merge the PREP that counts the polling papers with a real-time vote count so that the results are known on the same night of the election.

They endorse minority candidates

Electoral “Plan B” expands electoral rights that until now did not exist or were only implemented through INE guidelines or in pilot tests.

For example, the legislation establishes the obligation of the parties to guarantee candidacies for elective positions to young people, indigenous people, Afro-Mexicans, people of sexual diversity, migrants, and the disabled.

The vote of Mexicans residing abroad is also made more flexible, by allowing them to vote online not only with their voter identification card but also with their passport and consular registration would be validated.

Currently, voting abroad is done by post and online, but those interested must start the process months in advance.


Mexico Daily Post