10 homicides in 24 hours in Morelos, Mexico

These violent acts intensified as a result of the capture of criminal leaders operating in Morelos, such as Israel Blanco Nieves alias "El Seven" presumed leader of the Michoacán Family in the state. (Veronica Bacáz for El Financiero).

Violent Tuesday in Morelos: 10 people were killed in one day.

Two of the 10 murders registered this Tuesday, November 22, are cases of women found with a shot to the head, in the community of Huazulco, Morelos.

Tuesday, November 22, began with 10 violent murders in Cuernavaca, its metropolitan area, and municipalities in the Eastern Region of the entity. Two of these cases are of women who were found dead on a dirt road in the community of Huazulco, in the municipality of Temoac, confirmed state authorities.

They also detailed the discovery of three men found lifeless and with traces of violence, in the Lázaro Cárdenas del Río neighborhood, on the border between Cuernavaca and Temixco.

In this case, the municipal president of Cuernavaca, José Luis Urióstegui Salgado, pointed out that due to the position in which they were found, they were not murdered in this city, since no address was located, coupled with the conditions in which they were found, it is presumed to be the result of a fight for territory between criminal groups.

“They put them as if they were a stop, on the dirt road, so that motorists, if they do not see them, run over them or simply be more visible for their location, obviously they are ways of acting by organized crime,” he explained.

However, while the public focused on the result of the match of the Mexican National Team, Mexico-Poland, the emergency services were alerted to the presence of the bodies of two women, abandoned on a dirt road, in the municipality of Temoac. , the corpses had the coup de grace.

Until now, no further information has been provided on the identity of the two women, found in the community of Huazulco; nor are there any data on femicides.

Another of the events that caused panic this day was the shooting in the Flores Magón neighborhood, also in the Morelos capital; Two men who were traveling on board an Audi vehicle were attacked by armed subjects, the balance was one man dead and another wounded, was transferred to the hospital.

In the Benito Juárez de Zacatepec neighborhood and in the Lomas del Carril neighborhood, two other men were reported, the first was found bagged in a state of decomposition; the second in the Lomas del Carril neighborhood.

These violent acts intensified as a result of the capture of criminal leaders operating in Morelos, such as Israel Blanco Nieves alias “El Seven” alleged leader of the Michoacán Family in the state and who was the cause of the wave of violence in the state.

Source: El Financiero

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