Is Dolar app safe? Not Safe!!! sending money to Mexico using cryptocurrency?


Today we’re going to discuss an app that has been promoted amongst the expat community as a simple and safe way to send money to Mexico. This app even comes with a Mexican debit card that gives 4% cash back on your purchases and you can even earn interest on your deposits!

Sounds great right? Well, I have some concerns about this app because it uses cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. So I decided to invite a cryptocurrency expert to explain exactly how this app works and why there are potential risks.

Red Flags and possible danger of USDC

As of the taping of this interview, there has been the largest cryptocurrency scam unfolding with one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Several financial experts have dubbed as being even potentially worse than the Bernie Maddoff scam.

This scam is connected to a company called block fi which works somewhat similarly to the dolar app. At this time individuals with their money in block fi have lost access to their funds and are at risk of losing them.

I know this interview may seem long but I urge you to stick around to see why I and others have some valid concerns about the dolar app. No matter who has recommended this app to you, you may want to watch this interview and proceed with caution when using this type of app and we explain why.

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