Heavy transport will be prohibited in the Historic Center of Querétaro


They carry out analysis of roads that do not allow double-axle trucks to turn and that register damage to sidewalks

In the first quarter of 2023, the entry of oversized vehicles will be prohibited in the Historic Center of the capital, said the Secretary of Mobility of the Municipality of Querétaro, Rodrigo Vega Maestre.

He indicated that from the beginning of the administration they carried out a survey of the roads that do not allow the turning radius of double-axle trucks, and that they register damage to sidewalks or registers due to vehicular maneuvers.

“I estimate that by the first quarter of next year we are already closing this issue, and we are already placing the signs that prohibit access to trucks, especially double-axle in the Historic Center area mainly,” he said.

He pointed out that derived from this analysis, they have held working groups with representatives of different companies distributing products or services, to inform them that access to the area will be restricted.

“We already have a work table with them, they have also been told that the days for them to circulate on these roads are numbered, because we already have that study, we also have the signage and we are about to implement it,” he said.

He recognized that the issue of the work on Avenida 5 de Febrero, which absorbs 80% of its operational force, has delayed the implementation of the operation to prevent the entry of large trucks into the Historic Center area.

“The issue of the work on February 5 has delayed a bit for us to implement this device in the Historic Center, prohibiting access, especially on roads where they cannot turn, and these ruptures generate damage, especially in sidewalks, in registers”, he mentioned.

The Queretaro Post