Singer Jazmín Zárate was murdered in Oaxaca


Jasmine went out to work at an event; the next day she was found dead with signs of violence

Jazmín Zarate Aquino was a young singer and entrepreneur originally from Cuilápam de Guerrero, Oaxaca. On November 7, she was found dead, with signs of violence, on a highway.

The woman was hired to sing at an event in San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, a town where her stabbed body was found a day after the presentation.

Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGEO) found his body with multiple stab wounds, mainly in the neck and chest. On the date she was located, she would have been 26 years old.

Jazmín was a singer, entrepreneur and mother of a girl (Photo: Facebook)

Jazmín was a singer, entrepreneur and mother of a girl (Photo: Facebook)

Jazmín, in addition to dedicating herself to singing, was a businesswoman and promoter of Oaxacan ventures. Likewise, she was a member of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena).

In social networks, the young woman showed love for her daughter, Luna, as well as her passion for music and great empathy towards animals as she constantly shared posts about lost or adopted dogs.

The news of his death was confirmed by his sister , who through her Facebook account, where she identifies herself as Engy Aquino, wrote: “With all the pain in our hearts, today on your birthday we say goodbye to you, always remembering your beautiful smile. , fly high and be free as you always wanted to be.

He also thanked for the condolences, promising to follow up on the case. “Jaz is already resting and we will take care of doing justice.”

Jasmine was found one day after singing at an event for which she was hired (Photo: Facebook)

For their part, acquaintances and friends of Jazmín expressed sadness and indignation at her murder. They said goodbye to her describing her as a “talented, brilliant, supportive, noble and friendly” person, as a “creative and enthusiastic” woman, “full of strength, daughter, mother and leader”.

The singer’s body was transferred to Cuilápam, where she was originally from, to be veiled. Her family reported that the wake would take place in Privada de Rayón, San Juan neighborhood.

Jazmín joined a list of more than 50 Oaxacan women murdered so far this year (Photo: Facebook)

It is worth mentioning that until June of this year there was a record of 53 Oaxacan women murdered, according to the hemerographic report for Studies on Women.

Angélica Ayala, director of the organization explained that 15 percent of the women murdered so far this year correspond to girls and adolescents. In the time of the current government, a total of 650 women have been murdered in the state of Oaxaca alone.

Femicides in Mexico

Jazmín’s death occurred amid the resurgence of the wave of violence against women in Mexico. One of the femicides that he has shocked at the national level is that of Ariadna Fernanda López Díaz , whose body was found on a highway in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

On October 30, Ariadna was in a bar in the Countess in Mexico City, then in a meeting in an apartment from which the next day she would have been taken lifeless by a man, identified as Rautel “N” , who is already disposition of the authorities.

In Mexico, the deaths of Ariadna Fernanda and Lidia Gabriela have caused shock (Photo: Graciela López Herrera/Cuartoscuro)

Likewise, the death of Lidia Gabriela , a young woman who died after jumping from a taxi in Iztapalapa, caused great indignation. The woman felt in danger after the driver did not let her get off at the place where she requested it, so she made the decision to jump in an attempt to get to safety.

Fernando “N”, the taxi driver, was apprehended on November 5. A second version of the events, shared by a witness, indicates that he would have thrown her from the moving car.

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