Aguascalientes rejects the militarization of the country


By a majority vote, the Congress of Aguascalientes rejected the presidential initiative for the armed forces to carry out public security tasks until 2028.

The state of Aguascalientes is one of the regions in the country where the people do not want to see the members of the Mexican Army walking around the streets, they think that they have police corporations for the purposes of public security.

Despite the attempts of the secretary of the interior Adán Augusto López to persuade the deputies to vote in favor of the initiative, the minutes had already been previously rejected in commissions.

After the appearance of Adán Augusto, who asked to cast a ‘vote of conscience,’ the coordinator of the PRD group, Emmanuel Sánchez, called him a ‘liar’ for wanting to deceive the population about the true meaning of the initiative that seeks to keep the army in the streets.

For her part, the PAN governor, Tere Jiménez, asked the federal official to forget the grievances of the past and not be distracted in the upcoming elections to work on the unity and security of the country.

Source: OEM

Aguascalientes Daily Post