The first mixology contest “Coctelito networking” will be held in Durango


They will highlight the cocktail bar prepared with Durango mezcal to give it the importance it requires at a tourist and identity level.

They will hold in Durango, the first mixology and masterclass contest, on a large scale “Coctelito networking”, where they will highlight the cocktail bar prepared with Durango mezcal, to give it the importance it requires at a tourism and identity level, promoting local consumption, as stated at a press conference Hugo Montiel, Vice President of Youth of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco).

They will have the presence of at least 30 mixology experts, some from Mazatlán, to qualify the best drinks that are made, and then try to replicate the event there and then compete Durango against Mazatlán.

“We know that mixology and cocktail making is a reality, it is fashionable” , although it has not been given the importance it has, but there are already many drinks prepared with mezcal, it is also necessary that Durango present new and fresh events, for That’s why Canaco seeks to make that promotion.

There will also be the presentation and tasting of several brands of mezcal of the entity, people will be able to try them and get to know them, in addition to the fact that there will be great sponsors such as the Heineken beer brand, which will have a special “ice breaker” area, to which the staff will be taking those who are arriving to the event.

The date for the Networking Cocktail is December 2, at the Durango Campestre Club House, and those interested in participating can register by paying 1,150 pesos, with which they will be entitled to an apron, a beer glass, mixology equipment, recipe book digital and what they require to prepare the drinks.

They will even be able to take their drinks home, to continue encouraging mixology outside the event, as well as the local contest with the participating bars and restaurants, so that when the consumer goes to that place, they know what they are going to order.

The Durango Post