The Best Sitcoms Of All-Time You Need to Stream Right Now


Are you getting bored out of your mind and have got nothing to do? Well, we have got a suggestion for you. Why don’t you start streaming some of the best sitcoms of all time?

Why a sitcom, you might ask? It is a great way of relieving your stress, forgetting all the worries of the world, and finding solace in a character and their lives packed with laughter fits. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Therefore, we have prepared a list for you of the best sitcoms of all time that you must stream right now! That is if you have not already. Even if you have, we are sure you would love to re-watch these, ‘cause they never get old.

However, before we dive into the list, you must prepare for a binge session with high-speed internet connectivity. The last thing you’d want is to look at the buffering wheel during the best twists. Therefore, we recommend you opt for any of the diverse CenturyLink plans, varying in speeds and perfect for every household.

Once your internet is sorted, waste no time and watch the following best sitcoms.

1.      The Office (US)

What was just an adaptation of the series of the same name The Office on BBC channel, blew up into something far more successful and amazing?

Starring big names such as Steve Carell, John Krasinsky, Mindy Kaling, B.J Novak, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, and many more, the series is a mockumentary-styled coverage of an office. It gets crazy with the pranks and new learning and laughter fit pushing you off the couch.

However, we do recommend you stick just a little while longer and trust the process of this series turning into everything you were hoping for.

2.      The Big Bang Theory

We understand that science series might get too hard for everyone to keep up with, but this is the beauty of The Big Bang Theory. A story that revolves around a group of 4 scientists hopelessly looking for love with their quirky attitudes only gets crazier for you.

Even if you don’t have much understanding of science, we are sure you would love the series for its laughter bits.

3.      Parks & Recreation

Looking for a silly yet witty sitcom? Then Parks and Recreation have got you covered! The plotline revolves around a group of colleagues working in the Parks and Recreation department of the city council.

It is a crazy workplace comedy that keeps you in on the fun, and it cannot be missed out on.

4.      F.R.I.E.N.D.S

A list of best sitcoms with F.R.I.E.N.D.S? We all knew this wasn’t going to happen. Even though the show came out in 1992, it is still loved and watched by millions around the world. So unless you were living under a rock, we are sure you would have at least heard about this show, if not watched it.

The premise is quite simple. A group of 6 friends living in Manhattan and going through their life struggles like one big group. It gets emotional at points but jumps back up with the rightly-timed comedy.

So, re-watch it the billionth time now, or watch consider this reading piece a sign and give this show a go for the first time. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

5.      That 70’s Show

Ever imagined how life was for teenagers back in the 70s? You don’t have to imagine anymore; just watch That 70’s Show. The series is about 6 teenage friends navigating through their crazy lives. Whether it is by suffering through the economic crisis, finding jobs, hanging out at a friend’s basement, or simply getting grounded, the show keeps you hooked.

6.      Modern Family

Hop on a crazy family circle and friends in Modern Family. It is everything you have hoped to watch in a series about family. It is filmed like a documentary and covers a rather multicultural, open-minded modern family. It does get chaotic at times, but never not hilarious for a minute.

7.      Rick And Morty

Even though it is an animated series, Rick and Morty does come with an adult warning. The content is not suitable for people of all ages. The plotline revolves around the exploits of a brilliant scientist who traverses numerous worlds and realities for an adventure along with his grandson.

Rick and Morty is an adult sci-fi comedy, therefore viewer discretion is advised.

8.      The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been going on since 1989 and still have just as big a fan following. From the conspiracy theories engulfing this series’ storyline to the exemplary dark comedy, the show is worth your time.

Do not miss out on this thinking of it as a cartoon series, and embark on this satiric adventure of the Simpsons family residing in Springfield.

Closing Remark

So if you were looking to watch something light and easy on your mind, then we are sure the list above would suffice your hankering for a binge session. You will be laughing most of the time watching these series, and might even be shedding a few tears, but all would be worth it with the above-mentioned sitcoms.

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