Los Cabos is ready for massive sporting events


Los Cabos is a municipality that, due to its geographical characteristics, is ideal for the practice of adventure sports and tourism, which is why the municipal government focuses on guaranteeing the safety of its visitors. In this regard, Raymundo Zamora Ceseña, municipal delegate of Cabo San Lucas, commented the following:

“Very important sporting events are coming, the Pan-American U-18 Baseball, Ironman 70.3 is coming, and we also have the Bisbee’s tournament. Practically Cabo San Lucas is a sports tourist destination and now what we are working on is guaranteeing the safety of those who visit us. We will be holding meetings continuously, next Monday we will refine the details with the people who accompany the Ironman and Pan American delegations” , he mentioned.

Zamora Ceseña elaborated on the experience that will be lived when receiving the representatives of various countries in the Pan American U-18 Baseball Championship, as well as his expectations with the Mexican squad.

“We hope it will be a high-level competition and that all people can come to enjoy, have fun and get to know the destination of Los Cabos . “

Regarding the route of the Ironman 70.3 tournament, Zamora Ceseña explained the logistics stage to guarantee the mobility of both pedestrians and motorists and thus cause the least possible impact. He mentioned that they are on the subject of socializing part of the route and it will be those in charge of the event who will be setting the tone and the government will grant the facilities.

This is how the municipal government is preparing to guarantee the mobility rights of both participants and society in general for the development of these major international events.

The Cabo Post