This neighborhood has a fabulous mix of architecture, culture, gastronomy, art and is number one in the world.

In the coolest neighborhood in the world, you’ll find art deco mansions and lots of local culture.

Every year there are different publications dedicated to making inquiries among thousands of people in order to know which is considered the best city in the world, and although it is hard to believe, our country came out the winner, again, in the 2022 ranking.

For the fifth consecutive year, Time Out magazine published a list of what they consider to be the best neighborhoods on the planet; and yes, the best neighborhood is in a Mexican city that is not CDMX.

Colonia Americana GDL

But first, let’s see how is this city defined? That status is made by surveying several inhabitants of cities around the world, who are asked about the places in their city that nobody can miss at that moment. They combine all this with the opinions of their local editors and writers.

And so, it was possible to fill us with pride as Mexicans, once again it becomes clear that we have amazing places to have fun, have a good time and discover our own culture. It is not San Miguel Chapultepec, La Condesa, or La Roma or Coyoacán? Colonia Americana is the coolest neighborhood in the world. The Colonia Americana is not located in CDMX, nor Yucatán, or Quintana Roo, but in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Colonia Americana GDL

Very close to Chapultepec Avenue and was awarded thanks to a supreme combination of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. But also because it is possible to find other quite interesting points: the expiatory temple of the Holy Sacrament and several artistic spaces, such as the University of Guadalajara Museum of Arts.

Although the Colonia Americana is little explored by foreigners, it is believed that right now this cool neighborhood is the epicenter of its underground scene. As it is located next to the 500+-year-old Downtown Guadalajara, it is a mix of art deco and neoclassical mansions with houses occupied by artists and warehouses that house some of the best music venues in the city.

Colonia Americana GDL

The plaza surrounding the neo-Gothic Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo is great for people-watching at any time of day thanks to its many food carts and street performers. Local creatives sit with their laptops in a number of stylish cafes and drink local tequila in Chapultepec’s bars well into the night.

You can visit the neighborhood early and have chilaquiles for breakfast, visit an art gallery in the afternoon, and take a look at its craft market. Of course, at night, this neighborhood has some of the best music venues in the city, as well as restaurants, to enjoy seafood, bars to have some mezcal or open up the dance floor in one of its clubs.

Colonia Americana GDL

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