Mexican bullfighter “El Zapata” taken to a hospital for surgery in Perú after violent goring


Uriel Moreno, better known as “El Zapata”, appeared at the Fair in honor of the Patron Saint San Taraco in the Monumental Taraco Bullring in Huancané (Puno). The first bullfight in the bullring of the district of Taraco, in Huancané, department of Puno this Tuesday, October 18.

The activities, where Octavio Chacón from Spain and Paco Céspedes from Peru participated, were enlivened by the band of Trimac Musicians, who played in the background when those present managed to capture the video of the exact moment of the goring that the Tlaxcalan took.

According to the data of the specialized local pages, “El Zapata” suffered a goring during the second bull of his lot; Everything seems to indicate that his mistake was to get too close to the animal, and he ended up injured by its right horn, leaving a cut on the jaw that required a total of 7 stitches in the first instance.
“El Zapata” received 7 stitches. Credit: Facebook / Caste and Tradition – Official

In the video it can only be seen that he does several tasks to the impression of the attendees, but at one point he drops his artifact and runs out of the ring at full speed, clutching his face. At that moment one of the banderilleros intervenes to neutralize any threat.

The page of Casta y Tradición, on their social networks, reported that it will be at 11:00 at night when he goes into surgery, and then they will be able to close the wound one hundred percent; The Toros en el Mundo site specified that moments before his intervention he was reported as stable and out of danger.

Uriel Moreno, aka “El Zapata”

For his part, Ecos Taurinos specified that it will be after the surgery when he travels to Lima, also in Peru and from there he will move to his native Mexico, where he will probably be exposed to a second review and medical opinion on his state of health and the evolution of his wounds.