Mazatlan and Durango strengthen ties on tourism issues


Mazatlán-Durango Highway unites both states, contributing 50% of tourism from one side and the other.

MAZATLAN. – Thanks to the highway, in recent years the connection between Mazatlán and Durango has been of great value and importance for both cities, since people go from one city to another, taking advantage of the benefits that each one of them has, In addition, the means of transport can be by vehicle, without many complications. 

During her visit to the port, the Secretary of Tourism in Durango , Elisa Haro Ruiz, pointed out that Mazatlan is the beach of Duranguenses and that they often come to enjoy the sun and beach destination; For their part, Sinaloans, in general, also visit Durango a lot.  

“Mazatlán is without a doubt the beach of the Duranguenses, and Sinaloa, a brother state and fundamental for the growth of the tourist activity of Durango , since it contributes 50 percent of the visitors in Mazatlán and vice versa”, said Haro Ruiz.  

Regarding the issue of security, the head of Sectur in Durango said that her state is calm and very safe; in addition to the fact that a development program is coming in the municipalities of Durango, in search of promoting the economic spillover. 

He added that it is planned to rescue the tourist walks and tours of museums, although important maintenance is needed first to give more life to its historic center.   

The Durango official took advantage of her visit to the port to meet with the Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, where they agreed on the need to take advantage of the brotherhood between the two states and promote regional tourism, economic development and the growth of both. regions.  

The Durango-Mazatlan Baluarte Bicentenario bridge the largest in the American continent

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