2022 has been a year of tourist success for the Mexican Caribbean, assured José Chapur


CANCÚN.- In general, 2022 has been a successful year for Quintana Roo, something that is noticeable from the flights that arrive at the Cancun International Airport, to the occupations in the lodging centers, highlighted hotelier José Chapur, president of Grupo Palace.

He even considered that the idea of ​​borrowed tourism will not be confirmed, because the tourism that was won in this time of pandemic is a traveler who left very happy and will surely be repetitive; and that it will be added to the markets that were repressed, but that today are on the rise.

“ There is a greater number of international flights, on Saturdays and Sundays they exceed 500 flights between round trips, during the week they exceed 450 flights and there is no doubt that the opening of Mexico to tourism in the world helped us and we do not believe that the opening that occurs in other countries is now going to affect”, he estimated.

Regarding issues such as sargassum and beach erosion, these are effects that have already diminished, even with the recent proximity of hurricane “Ian” there were several beaches that recovered sand spaces, such is the case of Delfines; while lodging centers such as the Palace maintain their cleaning operations and collection work.

“They have not been a reason for tourism to stop coming. And there is a sanitation tax that must be used for that, I do not have the accounts of how they have used it, but at least on public beaches it must be used to clean them, ”he added.

The Cancun Post