A Beginner’s Guide: What Is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?


Cryptocurrency is considered to be a new term introduced in the world. Cryptocurrency holders need a wallet to share their assets or currency. When introducing crypto and blockchain, the names arise a strong and unimaginable picture in mind. Let’s discuss cryptocurrency, crypto wallets, and their significance. Bitcoin trading has never been this hassle-free with BitProfit app.

Crypto is a digital currency that is used in the digital world for transaction purposes or for selling or buying goods through crypto wallets. A thought about crypto wallets: keys place an important role in crypto wallets and their versions. There are two types of keys:

  1. Public key: a public key is used for the sale of cryptocurrency
  2. Private key: the private key is necessary for the purchase of cryptocurrency

These keys are not referred to as physical objects. These are alphanumeric sequences or QR codes present in digital format, a kind of mathematical puzzle. A public key address will allow another person to send your crypto and private keys allow access to your financial assets while sending crypto to someone else.

Concept of crypto wallets and their use in  exchange:

In the case of the exchange of cryptocurrency, users don’t need to send or receive crypto from another person. Users can only inter-exchange their cryptocurrency with others. Therefore when the user is going to buy or sell their assets or needs to exchange crypto in the digital world, a wallet will store their keys and let them do the same. But it will prohibit sharing with someone. For example, PayPal is a platform where cryptocurrency gets exchanged without providing you keys or a wallet.

storage of digital currency is also differentiated into two categories:

  1. Hot wallet
  2. Cold wallet

While using the hot wallet, the process is possible online. The online process of selling or buying crypto is an easier way. But as suspicious, highlighted for hackers because hackers found it easy to access another’s account of financial assets using an internet facility. The second one is about cold storage, as cold storage is quietly less suspicious than the previous one. This process needs a physical device such as a USB to store the crypto ledger. Even if it is considered to be secure yet this process inherits difficulties in it. This physical asset is not editable but you can make sure it’s the place to hide from others.

The easiest way to move cryptocurrency in soft wallets:

Wallets are of two types: Hard wallets and soft wallets. As soft wallets have digital acceptance and access to your cryptocurrency. Moreover, some mobile wallets give access to only soft wallets & exchange of crypto. Soft wallets need internet facilities for selling or buying cryptocurrency. And after that, you can save your crypto to a hard wallet for safety purposes.

Benefits of digital currency:

Minimal risk of fraud: it is possible in the case of Bitcoins for users that they can access their payments without sharing financial information of their assets with sellers. Thus they enjoy some benefits by completing their payment without any risk unlike credit card users who offer

Bitcoins are a digital currency. And hackers can’t intercept in any manner. On the other hand, your identity will remains secret. The benefit of lower transaction fees: transaction fees have to be paid in case of transfer of digital currency from one end to another whether it is for sellers or buyers. But in this case, the transaction fees for every bitcoin payment are considerably low as compared to other credit or debit card purchases.

Consequences of using soft wallets:

Soft wallets are easy to access but as secure as hard wallets. Keys can be stored in soft wallets by giving two-step encryption. It becomes easy to send or receive your cryptocurrency. Just like an online bank account.

In the case of hard wallets: their access is possible offline but they are limited in function & risk of losing or destroying the hard wallet is quite possible. Google provided you with some applications for securing your wallets like Coinbase wallet or Exodus which give easy access to your wallets. You can manage cryptocurrency in a secure and safe place. Control of private keys should be with you only to send or receive cryptocurrency in the world. Interactions should be done using names instead of mathematical expressions.

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