Heavy rains leave damages and road closures in Guerrero, Colima, Oaxaca and Veracruz


In Guerrero, damages were reported in 15 of the 85 municipalities; while in Oaxaca, some municipalities canceled classes this Monday.

This weekend the rains affected several states of the country, including Guerrero, Colima, Oaxaca, and Veracruz.

The rains were caused by the passage of tropical storm “Lester”, which this Saturday made landfall as a tropical depression in the vicinity of Punta Maldonado, Guerrero, and by tropical storm “Madeline” which also formed this weekend in the Pacific Ocean.


According to information from the Guerrero Civil Protection Secretariat, there were 15 affected municipalities, for which three temporary shelters were set up, one in Tixtla, which was closed because people were able to return to their homes; another in the town of Petaquillas and one more in the town of Las Pozas, in the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez.

In addition, damage due to flooding was reported in 10 homes in Tlapa de Comonfort and a landslide near the town of Tepechicotlan, on the Chilpancingo-Mochitlán highway.

This Monday, municipal, state and federal elements are attending to the incidents in each affected area, while elements of the Army applied the DN-III Plan in its recovery phase, due to the damage caused by the heavy rains in Chilpancingo.


In Colima, state Civil Protection reported minor damage due to the passage of the storm “Madeline”, in the coastal municipalities of Armería, Tecomán and Manzanillo, especially in the arbors on the seashore, as a result of high waves. Manzanillo beaches remained closed.

In addition, 70 families suffered damage to their homes due to the rains, in the community of Cofradía de Hidalgo, in the municipality of Tecomán.


The rains have caused an increase in the levels of rapid response rivers and streams and landslides and damage to the asphalt layer.

In addition, some municipalities such as Villa de Tututepec and San Pedro Pochutla suspended classes.

The authorities also warned about the increase in the level of the Valle Nacional river and issued some recommendations such as staying informed of the weather conditions.

The heavy rains derived from the meteorological phenomena Lester and Madeline left various damages on highways in the state of Oaxaca, which suffered the passage of the intense and constant rainfall of the climate.

Where was the damage caused by the rains of Lester and Madeline, in Oaxaca?

The rains generated by Lester and Madeline on their way through Oaxaca caused rivers to overflow in the Costa and Sierra Sur regions of the state. On federal highway 175, the Chacalapa River overflowed at the height of this town, which belongs to the municipality of Pochutla, leaving traffic isolated on this federal highway, which connects the Oaxacan capital with Puerto Escondido.

The flooding of rivers was also recorded in the municipalities of Santa Catarina Juquila and Sola de Vega, located in the Sierra Sur, as well as in Santa María Huatulco, Pluma Hidalgo, Tututepec, Pinotepa Nacional and Pochutla, located on the Oaxacan coast.

Due to the rains of Lester and Madeline, in the Papaloapan Basin, the Valle Nacional river increased its level and flooded fields of crops and dozens of houses. In this region, at the height of the municipality of Ayotzintepec, on federal highway 175 Tuxtepec – Oaxaca, a van from the public transport service was dragged by the current over the shoulder; however, none of the occupants were reported dead.

  • In these localities, the Mexican Army applied the DN-III Plan to help the population

The constant fall in rainfall also generated landslides and damage to the state highway network in the regions of the Coast, Sierra Sur and Mixteca, in the latter region in the community of Agua Dulce, the highway succumbed due to the softening of the terrain.


The Secretary of Civil Protection of Veracruz reported in its last cut this Sunday that 18 municipalities have been affected by the rains, either in homes or isolated locations.

According to the report, there are 15 municipalities with affected homes: Acula reports 91 homes; Cosamaloapan 938; Hidalgotitlan 556; Alvarado 500; Tuxtilla 15; Ignatius of the Key 367; Santiago Tuxtla 255; Tlalixcoyan 311; Cotaxtla don; Texistepec 628; Zongolica one; Jose Azueta 170; Chacaltianguis 270; Carlos A. Carrillo 235 and Jáltipan 152.

As well as seven municipalities that report isolated localities: Santiago Tuxtla with eight; Tlalixcoyan with three; Texistepec with five; Island with 11; Jose Azueta with 12; Amatitlán with 16 and Tlacotalpan with five.

For this reason, six active temporary shelters remain open in Alvarado, Tlalixcoyan and José Azueta, receiving 63 people in total. Forces of the three orders of government maintain actions in the affected municipalities and surveillance of river levels throughout the state.

According to the weather forecast, intense punctual rains will continue this Monday, which can generate landslides and floods in Nayarit, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Veracruz, in addition to very strong punctual rains in Sonora, Durango, Michoacán, Guerrero, and Tabasco.

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