Mexican quinceañera celebration leads to noise complaint and NC police officers end up joining the party

Photo: Facebook

A North Carolina family invited some unexpected guests to join their daughter’s quinceañera celebration: police officers.

Three Greensboro officers were called to the girl’s 15th birthday celebration after someone filed a noise complaint, according to a Sept. 13 post by the Greensboro Police Department.

When the officers realized the noise was coming from a quinceañera, the family invited them to join and eat.

“The officers handed out GPD stickers to the little ones and took a picture with the birthday girl,” the police said on Facebook. “We hope this young lady had a very Happy Birthday.”

Thousands of people on Facebook liked the police’s post, which shared photos of the officers enjoying the party with the birthday girl in her celebratory pink dress.

“That is an awesome way to build community and the family and especially that young girl will never forget it,” one person said.

“Perspective is everything. Thanks for acknowledging her special day,” another commented. “Hopefully we all can remember ’kindness’ in our daily interactions while being mindful of others. Thanks for helping build community.”

Greensboro is about 30 miles east of Winston-Salem.

Source: TNO

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