VIDEO: Kidnapping triggers shootout between criminals and police in Lake Chapala


Municipal agents had to request reinforcements to repel the sudden attack.

The violence alerted the population of the municipality of Chapala, Jalisco, on the night of this Tuesday, September 13, since the shooting confrontation between police officers and a group of armed individuals in the Ribera del Pilar subdivision was heard at different points.

As reported by the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Municipal Police Station received an emergency report on the alleged deprivation of liberty of some people and the theft of a vehicle in the Ajijc delegation.

Consequently, a group of officers went to the reported address to start the investigations and implement the operation to rescue the allegedly kidnapped people.

Once they arrived at the place, the uniformed officers found the gate of the house open and realized that there were different impacts of firearms on the farm, for which they requested support from the personnel of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the municipality of Chapala.

The National Guard was one of the corporations that provided support during the confrontation.  (Referential image. Photo: OMAR MARTÍNEZ / CUARTOSCURO)The National Guard was one of the corporations that provided support during the confrontation. (Referential image. Photo: OMAR MARTÍNEZ / CUARTOSCURO)

Given the urgency of finding out if there were people kidnapped or who were at risk inside the property, the ministerial elements entered the farm in the company of the municipal police. However, as soon as they became aware of their presence, armed civilians fired at the officers, who returned fire.

Minutes later, members of the state Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the National Guard (GN) also arrived to provide support in the face of the attacks.

According to the first reports of the security corporation, there is no record of injuries in municipal elements or in the Prosecutor’s Office . Similarly, no civilian was injured during the confrontation.

As a result of this operation, the Prosecutor’s Office managed to arrest three people —two men and one woman— who were sheltering inside the home where the shooting broke out. In the following hours, it will be an agent of the Public Ministry who will determine his legal situation.

The detonations were heard in different parts of the municipality.  (Referential image. Photo: DAMIÁN SÁNCHEZ/CUARTOSCURO)The detonations were heard in different parts of the municipality. (Referential image. Photo: DAMIÁN SÁNCHEZ/CUARTOSCURO)

Similarly, it was reported that the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences went to the end to collect evidence, but no further details were offered about what the authorities found at the scene.

Until the closing of this edition, it has not been possible to identify the people captured and it has not been determined whether, in fact, there were people kidnapped there.

During the last hours of Tuesday the 13th and the first minutes of Wednesday the 14th of September, videos began to circulate on social networks that showed, from different perspectives, how the shooting unleashed by the report of a kidnapping had taken place.

Likewise, the users captured the mobilization of the corporations of surrounding municipalities to counteract the detonations.

Jalisco Prosecutor confirms three detainees in shooting in Chapala

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that on Tuesday night a confrontation occurred in Chapala between elements of that corporation, the municipal Police and armed civilians. The confrontation took place tonight in the Ribera de Pilar neighborhood in the Ajijic delegation in Chapala.

The incident began around 8:50 p.m. at a crossroads between San Mateo and Paseo del Lago streets, after the Chapala municipal police received the report of kidnapping and vehicle theft.

“Ministerial staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office based in Chapala as well as elements of the Municipal Police Station were attacked by several people with firearms while attending to a report of illegal deprivation of liberty and vehicle theft on a farm in the Ribera de Pilar subdivision, in the Ajijc delegation of the municipality of Chapala,” the agency said in a statement. 

He detailed the arrest: “After the attack, elements of this social representation managed to arrest three people, two male and one female, who were inside the building.” 

They reported that when they arrived at the place of the emergency call, “they found the gate open, as well as firearm impacts on the farm, for which they requested support by going to the place of personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office attached to the municipality of Chapala.” 

Upon entering the farm, the ministerial and municipal elements were attacked with a firearm by the people who were inside the property, for which the aggression was repelled, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Elements of the State Public Security Secretariat as well as the National Guard and other municipal corporations arrived to provide support. 
The Prosecutor’s Office assured that no injured elements were reported by the State Prosecutor’s Office or the Municipal Police Station , or by any other person.

No people were reported rescued in the building; The Prosecutor’s Office stated that as more procedures are carried out, they will inform the company.

Around 11:00 p.m., elements of the State Prosecutor’s Office, in coordination with the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, were carrying out the survey of evidence.

Other facts of insecurity

Just a few hours ago, two acts of violence were recorded in the municipalities of Mazamitla and Lagos de Moreno.

The governor of Jalisco confirmed that in Mazamitla there was a shooting that left at least one person dead. “What happened in Mazamitla was a confrontation between criminal groups, with one of their deaths, everything is in order, we are in communication with the municipal authorities,” he commented.

In Lagos de Moreno there was an attack last night against elements of the Police of that municipality, among which was the deputy director, who was seriously injured, as well as two other agents.

Second consecutive day of attacks against Jalisco police

On the night of Monday, September 12, three members of the Lagos de Moreno Public Security Police Station were shot to death while they were circulating in the Las Capuchinas neighborhood. Around 11:00 p.m., a group of armed subjects fired at him from a truck in which they later fled.

The agents attacked in these events, reported the Prosecutor’s Office, were the Deputy Director of the Police Station and two line police officers from the same institution. The state of health of the first remains delicate, while the other two elements are, so far, out of danger. For now, no person has been identified as responsible for this attack.

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