This tradition has been going on for more than 50 years in which, in the month of September of each year, several teams of people, who after working hard for several weeks, or even months, finally have the time to inflate their balloons made of paper china using a lit fuse and release it so that it floats towards the sky and amazes the public with its beauty.

At first, the balloons were quite simple. But over the years, little by little new techniques have been learned and the shape of the balloons vary, and there are some whose shape is so complicated even to be able to inflate it is challenging. It’s so much fun to watch the whole process and the excitement of seeing the balloon take off. Sometimes they fail to take off as they can be lit with the fuse and burn instantly. Others start to reach altitude and a breeze comes up, causing the fire from the wick to ignite it as well. In those cases, one just has to keep an eye on the balloon going down in flames and avoid it falling on you! Since it hits the ground, there is usually a group of children who run to the spot and happily step on the burning paper to put out the fire.

Apart from the balloons, there is a variety of food for sale as well as refreshing drinks for the heat, and there is also live music to liven up the atmosphere. It’s a great show!


This tradition has been going on for more than 50 years in which every month of September is when many teams, after working and making these complicated paper balloons, they can finally inflate then and let them float away into the sky awing the audience.

During the beginning, the balloons where quite simple. But as the years gone by, they have learned new techniques in building these balloons, some of them are so complicated it’s a challenge to even get them inflated. It’s very fun to see the process and the emotion people feel when the balloon takes off. Although sometimes they don’t even make it up at all as they catch fire immediately. Some do start to gain altitude and then there will be a breeze and puff, it’s on fire. One just have to keep an eye on them as they fall burning up so they don’t fall on you! Once they touch ground, usually a group of kids will start stomping on the fire to put it out. But most of the balloons do make it so far up one can’t even see them anymore.

Besides the globos, there is food for sale to keep the tummy happy and various beverages to cool off from the heat. There is also a band to liven up the environment.

It’s quite the spectacle!!

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