10 Ways To Quickly and Legitimately Make Money Online


Like most people, you could always use some extra cash. Many online jobs will take little time and almost immediately pay for your services. Whether you’re living on a tight budget, surviving paycheck to paycheck, or want some extra cash for recreation, you may be surprised at how many opportunities exist online. Here are a few of the best quick, legit online money-making activities.

1. Freelance Your Services

An excellent way to make money online is to do freelance work. You can search for remote freelance jobs for which you already have the experience to get something immediately, or you can take some online courses to learn a new skill. People sell various services online on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Getting steady remote freelance work can help you enjoy life more so you can be on the go, like taking cruises from Miami or traveling places you usually wouldn’t have the time for if you were working a typical career.

2. Watch Videos

A few sites pay you a small amount to watch short videos. Swagbucks and MyPoints are two reputable sites. Sites like these also have other ways to earn money, such as playing games and completing surveys. Some sites will even pay you a few dollars to sign up.

3. Sell Your Photography

If you’re good at photography, there are sites where you can sell them. A fancy camera is not usually required; your smartphone’s camera will do. Check out stock photography sites to post your photos. Businesses buy stock photos to use on their websites and promotions. When someone uses yours, you get paid a portion of the profit.

4. Scan Your Grocery Receipts

Little do most people know that you can get cash back by scanning your grocery receipts online. Several sites do this. Check with iBotta to get started.

5. Review Songs

Several music review sites, like PlayList Push, will pay you for giving them your opinion on different songs. You earn money for listening to each song and reviewing it. There are a few requirements to get started with this job: you must have an account on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube.

6. Complete Local Tasks

If you want to go out for some of your work, you can do easy tasks in your town. Download the Field Agent app, then choose the job you want. Then, you’ll go to a local store and report on your findings from a list of questions.

7. Do Random Tasks Online

Complete random tasks online with sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Computers cannot perform many small jobs, so you earn money by doing what computers can’t do. There’s a wide variety of tasks available. Select whatever task you want, complete it, and get paid.

8. Mystery Shop

Many businesses want to know how their company handles customers from the customer’s point of view. They will often hire mystery shoppers to act like customers and then provide feedback on their experience with the products and services. Usually, the shopper will complete a survey about the experience. You can get paid money, or they may pay you with free products (e.g., a meal).

9. Answer Surveys

One of the most simple ways to make money online is to answer surveys. Paid Viewpoint is one of the best legitimate sites, but there are other great ones if you want to sign up for more than one. Another app that offers cash rewards is Survey Junkie. It works with market research companies and brands to provide surveys to its users. You can start checking Survey Junkie review and start earning points by creating a profile and answering surveys. Each survey consists of 100 points, which are worth one dollar. You can cash out after making at least 500 points, equivalent to $5.

10. Transcribe

You need a computer with an internet connection, excellent typing skills, and a good ear. Simply put, transcribing is turning audio and video files into text. Many companies use these services, so you should see a variety of topics. It’s very flexible work. You can arrange your schedule to work as little or as much as you want, and most places will pay per audio hour.

These days, prices are rising. What may have been extra spending money a couple of years ago could now be a necessity to pay the bills. You can begin today with all the excellent ways to make money online. Sign up for one or multiple opportunities.

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