Dog killer declared guilty in murder of Athos and Tango in Queretaro


Benjamin ‘N’, responsible for poisoning two dogs in Querétaro, could receive up to 16 years in prison for this case

A judge found Benjamín ‘N’ guilty of animal cruelty for the poisoning of the dogs Athos and Tango, in events that occurred in July 2021.

This is a 60-year-old criminal, a resident of the neighborhood where the dogs died and who had expressed his intention to kill them. The subject could spend up to 16 years in prison for his aggression.

They poison Athos and Tango, two Red Cross dogs. Red Cross Photo

The judge determined that there are elements necessary to declare the subject responsible for the death of Athos and Tango, who also collaborated as rescuers.

Everything lies in setting a precedent, in continuing to contribute in terms of respect and responsible ownership, ”he said after the ruling of Judge Edgar Martínez, caretaker and trainer of the dogs.

According to reports, on Tuesday the judge in charge of the case will dictate the sentence against the subject, before which the accused could appeal the sentence or request direct protection.

This is an unprecedented case in Mexico and the first time that a criminal trial has been reached for the death of a dog.

In  Querétaro, at least 5 criminal complaints have been filed for animal abuse, where the case of  Athos and Tango has set a precedent for the State Attorney General’s Office, which did not have a protocol for action and investigation in a case of this type.

No complaint filed for this type of case had reached a trial, since normally the authority seeks to shorten the processes and financially compensate the damage without going to trial.

For this reason, the news has motivated activists from other states to travel to Querétaro, such as Zadrigman, an animal activist with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, originally from Morelia, Michoacán, who has been closely following the trial.

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