Mazatlan Yacht ride? How much does it costs  


MAZATLAN. – How would you like a little trip on a yacht along the coast of Mazatlan? It sounds like an excellent plan to do with your friends before the holidays are over, so at Punto MX we are going to tell you how much budget you can use to play the role on the beaches of Mazatlan.  

First of all, we have to see what type of boat you want to rent since that will indicate the total cost. For example, they all charge by the hour and the minimum rate is 3 hours, some charge from 2,240 to 7,500 per hour. In capacity it also varies, in some 10 people can navigate perfectly and in others up to 35.  

The price and capacity will depend on the model, its equipment and its design; there are some yachts that cost 2,500 pesos per hour, but have the capacity for 30 people and contrary cases there are boats that cost 6,500 pesos per hour, and their capacity is for 10 people.  

Once this has been explained, we are going to take advantage of the addition, subtraction and division classes of the elementary school. Suppose you and 9 other friends want to rent a yacht, you choose the one for 2,500 pesos per hour, but at least 3 hours, the rental would cost 7,500 pesos, but divided among the 10 passengers, the trip would cost only 750 pesos. .  

But if they decide to take the higher fare of 7,500 with 18 people on board, their three-hour trip would cost them 22,500 in total, but if they split it among the passengers they would pay 1,250 each. You dare?  

Here we leave you some pages where you can register and rent a yacht to take an unforgettable ride in Mazatlan.  


We already explained the prices and with how much money you can go for a walk, but now it’s time for the recommendations.  

1. Choose the type of boat, you must follow all the recommendations described there so that your choice is the best and guarantee that the boat ride will be worth remembering.  

2. Prepare your trip, once you have chosen a boat for your trip, make a list of all the things you need to have the best experience on board: the food you consider.  

3. Check your luggage, what are you going to take? Everything will depend on how long you are going to stay on board, if it will only be a few hours, you will not need to bring more than a swimsuit and more clothes.  
4. Plan the route in detail. Have you carefully checked the places on the coast that you want to visit?  

5. Security team, check before boarding that the boat has all the permits and licenses to navigate, and of course with the necessary security and prevention measures in case of any inconvenience. Life jackets, first aid kit and basic equipment. It also considers the type of activities that are allowed on the yacht, so that the integrity of the crew or the ship is not put at risk.  

6. Make sure you bring sunscreen with you to avoid burns or suntan lotion, sunglasses, bring enough water or ask the crew if they have drinks, even if you are surrounded by water, dehydration is very common on board; consider taking motion sickness pills.  

7. Things that we must never do on a ship, take or move ship equipment without prior authorization or notice from the expert crew members; jump into the water while navigating or manoeuvring; carelessly leaving objects on the deck; put yourself in places of risk during the ride; not heeding indications… only common sense is required to think about this.   


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