“Alien Mummy” found in Taxco, Guerrero


The military doctor Pablo Enrique García Sánchez, who leads an association named Nahui Ollin, according to social networks; presented this afternoon the finding of an apparent mummy that according to the researcher, belong to an unknown culture that inhabited southern Mexico. 

May be an image of 1 person and sculpture

According to information from some local Facebook pages, the discovery was made in some tunnels in the city of Taxco, a town famous for its silver mines and crafts. 


In the photographs you can see some humanoid figures, as well as a skull that García Sánchez says belongs to an alien, you can also see some carved objects with the popular figure given to aliens: big eyes and oval head. 


The publication has gone viral on social networks and has unleashed all kinds of comments, from those who assure that the doctor is a serious person and that his research is real, to others who react with humorous and mocking comments. 


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