6 Perceived Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico

Cartel shoots and burns houses in Fresnillo (OEM)

Here are the six perceived most dangerous cities in Mexico, curated by real money online casinos.

1. Fresnillo

In this city, the violent crime rates are constantly increasing, making this a living hell on earth. Fresnillo is a place that has the highest murder rate in Mexico.  Over 96% of people have declared that they don’t feel safe and are in fear for their lives and their families.  The most common felonies are robberies, car stealing, attacks, drug dealing, vandalism, theft, and murder.

The government is unable to stop the crimes, so they are appearing even more often these days. The town has become a battlefield for the two biggest cartels in Mexico since its location is a center of essential highways and roads. It’s best to avoid Fresnillo as much as possible since even the people who live there are not so thrilled about their situation. This is not a good place to live in or visit in Mexico due to its terrible reputation.

2. Tijuana

Violence in Mexico is reaching its highest level ever, and Tijuana is not missing out. Baja California has been a crime spot for decades, but things have been becoming worse lately. It has been declared that Tijuana is among the most dangerous cities in the world.  Since the crime rates were high in 2021, there’s no doubt that the situation will remain the same in the following year. Robberies, drug dealing murders, and any other violent crimes are pretty common in this city, so you have to stay alert at all times.

The best advice is never to travel alone if you decide to visit Tijuana. There are safe areas like Playas De Tijuana and Zona Rio, which are the best place for tourists. If you visit Tijuana, make sure you don’t stand out with expensive clothes, don’t get involved in any drug activities, and overall keep a low profile to remain safe.

3. Ciudad Obregón

Ciudad Obregón is another city in Mexico that is filled with violence and endless crimes. Homicide rates, armed robberies, kidnapping, and other felonies were increasing in 2021, regardless of COVID. Even the official government websites advise you not to travel to areas like this city or be extra cautious if you still decide to travel. Over 93% of people living in this city have stated they feel unsafe due to high and frequent crimes. Most of the crimes are directly connected to multiple criminal organizations and known cartels.

Drug and human trafficking are everyday things for its citizens who are constantly living in fear. They have said that they feel the most uncomfortable and unsafe when using ATMs, visiting banks, and using public transportation, especially if they live in bad areas of the town. The murder rates are breaking the roof, and if there’s no need to visit this town, it’s best to avoid it and continue playing your games at Australia online pokies.

CNTE building in MIchoacan (FILE PHOTO)

4. Uruapan Del Progreso

Uruapan is the second-largest city in Michoacan. It is a famous city due to its stunning Spanish atmosphere and amazing lacquerware. It also has a significant economic location. Still, it has recently become one of Mexico’s most violent and unsafe cities. The criminal gangs are constantly clashing, and the citizens are highly endangered due to the illegal activities happening in town. Crimes like assault, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and robberies are not uncommon. In fact, the rates have been climbing because of the situation in the state, with bad living conditions and undeniable poverty.

There have been multiple massacres in the last couple of years, and violence is directly connected with drug cartels. Their constant clashes affect the people who fear for their lives due to the community being so unstable and insecure. As you can see above, the rate of violent crimes is really high, with 84.12% of them on a yearly basis.

5. Celaya

When we are talking about the most dangerous cities in Mexico, we must mention Celaya, a city in Guanajuato. It was even declared that Celaya was the number one most dangerous city in the world in 2020. A couple of years ago, Celaya wasn’t dangerous, but that has drastically changed over the years, and since 2018, the crimes are not stopping. Again, one of the biggest problems is the known drug cartels, such as the Santa Rosa De Lima cartel, which are in a battle with other cartels and with the Mexican police as well.

Last year, over 1,000 innocent people were killed in gang-connected violence from March until June. Public safety is endangered every day, with open fires, armed robberies, and drug trafficking. Unfortunately, the authorities are unable to stop the crimes or even lower their rate, so it’s best to avoid visiting Celaya anytime in the near future.

6. Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Juárez has been so deadly in 2020 that they have been without homicides for five consecutive days only. The murder rate has increased by over 15% compared to 2019, and the city has become quite unsafe. As in most other Mexican cities, the crimes are directly related to drug trafficking and narco cartels that had daily open shootings in public places. Ciudad Juárez is incredibly unsafe for women who have experienced violence, human trafficking, rape, sex abuse, and other violent crimes. Over 500 women have been killed in the past two years, which says a lot about the city.

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