The Best Honeymoon Ideas for all Types of Couples


A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. These trips are for the bride and the groom to spend some romantic time with each other before they return to the hustle and the bustle of everyday life.

For many cultures, such as in the Southeast Asian region, and the middle eastern region, where arranged marriages are prevalent, it is a way for both the bride and the groom to learn more about each other. If executed correctly, the honeymoon will be remembered by both the bride and the groom for years to come. It will be their “place” where they can visit time and again in their memories or return physically on their anniversary every year. But the perfect honeymoon differs from couple to couple. Just like there is no objective “perfect dress” there is no objective
perfect wedding honeymoon destination. Some couples would like to snuggle up to each other in an igloo in a cold country somewhere north of the equator, or they would like to rappel down a mountain. But couples do not need to fret when we are here, to tell them all the best honeymoon ideas for all types of couples.

For the romantic couple – Provence, France
Provence is a beautifully quaint little town in France. Provenance is known for its beautiful purple lavender fields, and they are perfuming the air. For the couple who love photo ops that display their romantic slide, Provence located in France will be sure to wow them. France is already a very romantic location, where lovers from all over the world come to celebrate their love. Provence is home to some of France’s most romantic cities, such as Saint Tropez, Monaco, Nice, and Marseille.

For the couples that love to shake a leg – Buenos Aries, Argentina.
Latin America is known for a lot of things, such as beautiful historical sites, delicious food, and the tumultuous history of colonization. But for couples that love to dance, shake a leg, and have a jolly good time, the perfect place for them will undoubtedly be Buenos Aries, Argentina. Buenos Aries is a place that is filled with a diverse cast of people, lined with colorful streets, and their nightlife is stunning as well.

For the couple that loves to canoodle – Dublin, Ireland
The stunning, grass-fed
and sprawling hills and mountains of Ireland are calling to you.
One of the best places for an intimate vacation for the lovely married couple will be the Cashel Palace Hotel, which has been recently refurbished in the year 2021 was a manor that was built way back in the 18th century. Moreover, this hotel is ideal for history lovers as well, since it would be built by an archbishop.

For the couple who are looking for royal treatment – Udaipur, India

India is known for its royal history and lineage. Despite being colonized by the Britishers for over 400 years, some parts of India have amalgamated to include a beautiful version of the royal history and the history of colonization as well. Similar to the Cashel Palace Hotel built in the 18th century, newlywed bride and groom can easily stay in little pockets of history, by renting out rooms in places that were built by kings and queens.

For the couple who want to live in glamour – Maldives
The Maldives are a group of islands, which are known to be very picturesque. The cerulean waters of Malvices are known to be Instagram-worthy, and the beaches of Maldives can oftentimes be seen on various Pinterest mood boards. The enchanting Fari Islands have been revamped to include a lot of luxe resorts, beaches, and clubs wherein the bride and the groom can find their piece of paradise.

For the couple that loves to adventure – Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken is a place that not many have heard of. This is a tiny town located in Switzerland. But don’t let the smallness of this place fool you – they have a lot of adventuring activities like bungee jumping, snorkeling, and scuba diving to name a few.
Plus, the added benefit is that since this place is relatively undiscovered, it makes more sense for couples to visit this place to make a honeymoon worth remembering.

For the couple who loves romantic colonial towns full of mysticism

San Miguel de Allende is the most amazing wedding destination in the countruy.  Of course, Americans love tying the knot in Mexico. Cabo, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum all come to mind.  Each one has its merits.  But unlike these more well-known locals, San Miguel has a uniqueness all of its own.  But, what makes San Miguel such a special place for weddings?

San Miguel is for more than weddings. This romantic city is perfect for an adventurous engagement photo session or video shooting.

With the wedding season feeling upon our heads, these honeymoon destinations are the best few destinations one can be a part of. With so many beautiful countries one can discover, it is essential that a honeymoon invokes feelings of love and affection when it comes to having a good place to invoke the feelings of love and affection.
Moreover, a honeymoon destination spot must have a good mix of activities and things to explore for new brides and grooms to discover each other in new contexts.

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