How to Make Money on YouTube, According to 3 People Who Do

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Youtube is a great platform for posting videos. However, you can earn a lot of money while making videos on the platform. Moreover, you should use the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers to improve your account and earn more money. There are many ways in which you can earn money from Youtube and even directly on the platform. You should buy youtube subscribers and use these methods to earn quite a lot of money on the platform.

1.  Youtube advertisements

Youtube advertisements are one of the primary ways in which you can earn money from YouTube. You will have to monetize your channel to make money through Youtube. Firstly, you will have to set up an Adsense account.

Having an AdSense account helps you to revive payments from youtube for the advertisements that are shown on your videos. Moreover, you will have to apply to be a part of the Youtube partner program. However, you will need to meet certain criteria. You need to have more than 1000 subscribers, more than 4000 public watch hours in the past year, and comply with all youtube monetization policies.

You can even use the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers to comply with the criteria. When you get approved, you will start earning from Youtube. 

2.  Do sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a much more direct way to earn money on Youtube.  Youtube is one of the highest-paid platforms when it comes to brand marketing.

There are tons of opportunities for you to explore when it comes to partnering up with a brand for sponsored posts. Moreover, marketers sponsor the top influencers along with micro-influencers so you do not need to have a massive following to get these brand deals.

However, you should partner up with brands that you trust. There have been many cases where the influencers have been embroiled in controversy because of a product they endorsed as a part of a brand deal.

3.  Use Youtube live streams

Youtube live streams give you ample opportunities to earn money on the platform. The super chat feature allows users to send a highlighted message to the streamer for some money.

You get the major part of the super chat with some of it being taken by Youtube as commission. Moreover, there are channel memberships as well. These allow you to offer different tiers of membership to your channel to your subscribers. You get to choose the perks that you offer them in exchange for their membership.

Recently, Youtube has also allowed viewers to send stickers to their favorite streamers for certain prices. Most importantly, if you stream on Youtube, this should be your primary source of income on the platform.

4.  Buy Youtube Subscribers

You should buy Youtube subscribers for your channel. This is not a direct way to earn money but it helps with all of the other methods that we have listed. Having more subscribers increases your watch time. Therefore, you get more money from Youtube through AdSense.

Moreover, having a lot of followers increases the stature of your channel which encourages more people to subscribe to you. You should be using the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers as they offer great value for money.

Most importantly, the top creators on the platform buy youtube followers to boost their earnings and you should try it out as well.

5.  Fan Funding

As the name suggests, fan funding helps you to get money from your fans. This is a method that gives varying results for different creators. You can use Patreon which is the top choice for most creators when it comes to fan funding.

Your fans can donate to become a part of your Patreon. You should provide them early access to videos or exclusive rewards for being a part of your Patreon. However, if you have a small subscriber base, your fans may not want to pay for a Patreon membership.

Therefore, you should buy youtube subscribers to boost the status of your channel.

6.  Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing helps you to earn money when someone uses your link to purchase products. Many sites provide affiliate links to creators and you should sign up for them as well.

When your audience buys something using your link, you get a percentage of the amount spent by them. Moreover, this is a great way to earn some extra money from Youtube. You should add the links to the description of your videos and remind your subscribers to use them.

7.  Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise on Youtube is a good strategy to earn money on the platform. It allows you to get the entire profits from any sales you make which makes it very lucrative.

Moreover, you can easily start this business if you have a decent following on the platform. Above all, if executed well, this can become one of the best ways to earn money.


Over the years, youtube stands out as the top social media platform to earn money. All of these are working techniques. Moreover, they have generated great results over the years. Using these methods will help you earn easily from Youtube.

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