Video: Who are the three Mexicans in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’?


Tenoch Huerta, Mabel Cadena, and Josué Maychi had it well hidden, although the fandom already smelled it.

They yelled at Tenoch Huerta “what the hell” in full presentation; They put emojis of hearts on Mabel Cadena in social networks, and many began to meet Josué Maychi.

Those were the first reactions of the people when officially presenting the three Mexicans at Comic-Con in San Diego as part of the feature film ” Black Panther: Wakanda forever “, which will hit theaters in November.

Tenoch Huerta (Narcos: Mexico) will play the marine prince of Namor; Mabel Cadena (El baile los 41) will play Namora, her cousin, and Josué Maychi (Malinche) will play Attuma, a fearsome warrior.

Tenoch and Mabel appear in the official trailer that was revealed, although for months there were already versions of the characters that they would be in charge of.

Tenoch, for example, every time he was asked about it, changed the subject; while the actress denied any contact with the film of the Marvel world.

“You right! Namora is here!” Mabel wrote on her official account.

In the video, she appears in front of a trio of warriors and wearing a respirator that allows her to survive on land, since in the scene she appears on top of a vehicle bridge.

Mabel Cadena, the Mexican who plays Namora in Marvel’s ‘Black Panther 2’

The 31-year-old Mexican actress was presented at San Diego Comic-Con and will play the cousin of the character played by Tenoch Huerta.

Mabel Cadena, the Mexican who plays Namora in Marvel's 'Black Panther 2'

Aquaria Nautica Neptunia is the real name of Namora (Avenging Daughter, according to the Atlantean term), a hybrid mutant with superhuman strength and the ability to fly, according to the original story. 

“Mom, I’m a superhero, ” Cadena said on her social networks, where she shared the trailer for the film, in which she can be seen for a few moments with an orange plume.

The 31-year-old interpreter was born in the State of Mexico, but grew up in Minatitlán, Veracruz and has an extensive career in theater, with more than 20 productions behind her, such as Class Enemy, directed by Sebastián Zurita; The tears of Oedipus by Wajdi Mouawad and under the direction of Hugo Arrevillaga; Manual De Desuso, directed by Adrián Darío, among others.

She graduated from the acting career at CasAzul Artes Escénicas Argos (2011) and has also had a presence in series, movies and short films such as El Baile de los 41 de 2020, where she played Amanda Díaz; La Diosa del Asfalto (2020) by Julián Hernández Pérez or the television series Hernán (2019), where she gave life to Tecuelhuetzin.

Her first role on television was in the series Capadocia, which Argos produced for HBO Latin America and in which she played the role of Adela Rosa Chávez.

Photo: Reuters

Other productions in which he has participated are Camelia la Texana (2014), El Señor de los Cielos (2014), Once upon a time (2017), Las Malcriadas (2017), El Vato (2017), Ingobernable (2017), Por la mask (2018), La bandida (2018), Monarca (2019) and Hernán (2019).

Her role as Porfirio Díaz’s stepdaughter in El Baile de los 41 earned her an Ariel Award nomination last year.

After hearing the news of her participation in the MCU, Mabel Cadena was widely congratulated by her colleagues and colleagues, who expressed their pride in her achievements.

The trailer does not hint who will be the new Black Panther, after the death of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020.

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