Tropical Storm Estelle has now become a hurricane (NOAA)


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Estelle has strengthened into a hurricane.

Estelle has become a hurricane south of Mexico in the eastern Pacific and has the potential to rapidly intensify into a major hurricane early this next week.

While the storm will remain offshore of Mexico and not directly impact land, it will bring rough surf and rip currents through next week along the western coast of Mexico.

Estelle will also generate large swells, and as a result, any shipping interests should closely monitor the progress of this storm.

Meanwhile, Darby has become a tropical rainstorm south of the Hawaiian Islands. Darby will bring an increase in swells (around 5-7 feet), mainly to the east and south-facing shores, and enhanced shower activity to the Big Island of Hawaii this weekend.

Darby currently poses no major threat to land, but the storm can impact shipping interests near Hawaii as it moves west-northwest across the central Pacific basin.

Source: NOAA

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