History and Traditions of Heroic Military Academy in Mexico


Located in Mexico City, the Heroic Military Academy was founded in 1823. It is a military learning institution. The school was founded under the Cadet Academy name in the former palace of the inquisition. This was the name of Veracruz and Colegio Militar. 

The academy occupied the Betlemitas monastery. Today, this is an interactive economic museum and the Mexican army museum. The initial building that hosted the academy was hit by an earthquake in 1985. 


The History: Foundation 

The plans to establish the Heroic Military Academy started in 1818. However, this came to materialize in 1822 under the leadership of Diego Garcia Conde. At that time, Diego, a former military officer, was working in the Mexican Army.

The Mexican Imperial Government approved the establishment of the academy. The Imperial War Ministry also took part in the formation. In mid-1822, Emperor Augustin de Iturbide commanded the changes in the Academy’s location. The former complex was to become the headquarters of the Military College of Mexico. It was also to host the Engineers Training School and the Military Cadet Academy.

These institutes were under the directorship of Brigadier Diego Garcia Conde. By 1823 the relaunch of the Military College of Mexico took place under General Jose Joaquin’s orders. This was a separate academy with its headquarters in San Carlos Fortress. In 1824, President Guadalupe Victoria ordered the training of the Mexican Navy’s officers. 

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Early years

In 1828, there was a campaign against masonic lodges and secret societies. This caused Lt.Col.Manuel Montano to visit the academy. Later, the institute was exempted from the campaign. This is because nobody in the academy’s cadet rosters was a mason or secret society member. 

This turned into a national loyalty act by the academy’s faculty and cadets. As a result, the institute, in March of the same year, returned to Mexico. It began in Bethlemitas convent before heading to the Inquisition Palace Complex.

By July 1, the college started getting recognition by every Mexican as a premier military institute. The presidential elections in 1828 greatly affected the college cadets. Towards the end of that year, a rebellion under the leadership of Jose Maria Lobato and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna denounced the election results. 

Later, President Victoria asked the college cadets to go to the national palace to fight with the armed forces. After a four-day fight, both sides reached a compromise, so classes could resume the following day. 

Collegiate slogan and motto

The college motto is Por el Honor de Mexico. This is about honoring Mexico City. It was created in an event organized by the XEQ radio station in 1947. The event was to commemorate the centenary of the Chapultepec Castle’s defense. 

Every day, the Corps of Cadets perform the following cheer:

  • Cadets (In honor of Mexico) Por el Honor de México
  • Cadet Corps Commander (for Heroic Military Academy): Heroico Colegio Militar

From 1947 to date: The traditions

In 1947, the college celebrated the participation of the Corps of Cadets’ centenary. Every time there is such a celebration, the military officers sing the collegiate hymn with a march. The hymn was composed by Prof. Jose Ignacio in 1930.

1n 1949, the union’s congress conferred the “Heroic” designation to the Naval Military Academy and the Corps. In the 150th anniversary celebrations, the central bank minted 1 oz silver coins. Additionally, the Mexican Government printed two military college shakos. In 1976, the academy’s campus in Mexico City was opened. 

It was used as Luis Miguel’s music video setting in 1989. In this video, he plays a cadet for the air force. As the song comes to an end, the matching scene reveals the Mexican banner. Since 2007, the academy has been accepting female cadets.


The Heroic Military Academy in Mexico is one of the premier academies in the region. The Heroic designation has been relevant to date, with men and women celebrating its affiliation. The regiment-sized present Corps is among the units in the institute. Military students can learn many lessons from the academy’s history and traditions. 

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