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Coronavirus in Mexico as of July 7: another record of infections with 32,295 in one day

At the 5:00 p.m. cutoff, the Ministry of Health announced that in Mexico 6 million 185 thousand 219 active cases of coronavirus disease have been reported.

This Thursday, July 7, the Ministry of Health (SSa) announced that, at the cutoff of 5:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time), 6 million 185 thousand 219 total cases accumulated since it began have been confirmed in the country. the health emergency. As for the number of deaths, to date a total of 325,976 deaths have been reported 


With these numbers, the agency reported that in the last 24 hours, 32,295 new infections and 48 deaths from COVID-9 were registered.

According to the Daily Technical Report, a total of 730 thousand 849 suspected cases 

, 9 million 883 thousand 365 negative cases and 204 thousand 367 active cases of the disease are estimated in the country

, that is, people who began to present symptoms in the last 14 days (from June 24 to July 7, 2022).

In the country, there are an estimated total of 730,849 suspected cases, 9,883,365 negatives, and 204,367 active cases (REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez)

Health indicated that the entities with the highest number of active cases of SARS-CoV-2 in descending order are: Mexico CityBaja California SurQuintana Roo, Colima, Sinaloa, Yucatán, Querétaro, Nuevo León, Nayarit and Tabasco.

Likewise, the Government of Mexico has registered the total number of infections accumulated by residence since the pandemic began, so the states with the highest number of reported cases are: Mexico City (one million 536 thousand 161), State of Mexico (616 thousand 79) and Nuevo León (34 thousand 71).

They are followed by Guanajuato (295 thousand 90); Jalisco (257 thousand 332); San Luis Potosí (197 thousand 487); Tabasco (196 thousand 231); Veracruz (194 thousand 278); Puebla (178 thousand 510 and Sonora (174 thousand 50). Together, these entities make up 65 percent of all the accumulated cases registered in the country.

The distribution by sex in confirmed deaths shows a predominance of 62% in men (Photo: Rogelio Morales/Cuartoscuro)

The SSa also reported that the gender distribution of confirmed deaths shows a predominance of 62% in men, with an average age of 64 years at death; while the confirmed cases show a greater predominance in women, with 52.5 percent and the general average age is 38 years.

Regarding deaths, the agency pointed out that the states with the highest number of deaths are: Mexico City (56,417); State of Mexico (34 thousand 848); Jalisco (19 thousand 585); Puebla (16 thousand 500); Veracruz (16 thousand 426) and Nuevo León (15 thousand 77).

Regarding hospital occupancy, Health reported that there is 88% availability for general beds and 97% for beds with a ventilator.

Progress in the National Vaccination Day

One million 290 thousand 903 girls and boys from five to 11 years old have received their vaccine (Photo: File)

The Ministry of Health reported that until July 6, one million 290 thousand 903 girls and boys from five to 11 years of age had received the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Mexico, which represents an advance of 8%. .

In this context, the unit invited people over 12 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated to go to the units available in their locality to receive the vaccine.

The authorities recalled that on the mivacuna.salud.gob.mx site, the registry for universal vaccination against COVID-19 for girls and boys aged five to 11, as well as for adolescents aged 12 and over, and adults who for they have not started or completed scheme for some reason, or reinforcement has not been applied.

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