North America Automotive B2B Meeting 2022 (AMMMT) arrives in Aguascalientes, Mexico


AMMMT is the strategic partner of the molds and dies manufacturing enterprises, which is continuously looking for accelerating the growth and development of this market segment by becoming a leading organization and linking the productive capacity with the value chains.

AMMMT performs activities to promote competitiveness and potentiate the affiliated enterprises. It also has developed counseling to bring the associates closer to the best corporate practice in the industry.

Their goal is to rank the Mexican molds, dies, and tool manufacturing industry in the world’s top ten, based on the creation of reliable manufacture, with competitive prices and high-technological content.


  • To promote the sector and the associate members with the buyers of the national and international manufacturing industry.
  • To establish global broad scope business networks through investment, technology, and training.
  • Organization, participation, and representation of Associates in specialized events on manufacture.


  • To negotiate saving programs for the associate members, based on the economics of scale.


  • To facilitate technology transfer programs with countries and leading companies in the area.
  • To facilitate reliable market information to be used by the associate members when making decisions.
  • To integrate complementary manufacturing capacities to achieve complete national solutions.
  • To identify and promote the inclusion of manufacturing innovation technologies.
  • To strategically link users and buyers with the national productive capacity.
  • To promote partnerships among associates to reach comprehensive solutions.
  • To collaborate with International Associations which integrate and promote DEVELOPMENT.
  • To position the brand HECHO EN MÉXICO.
  • To provide business mentoring for the exportation market.
  • To collaborate with educational institutions teaching research and development.
  • To promote and integrate regional manufacturing Clusters.


  • To collaborate with Educational Institutions to train technicians and specialized engineers.
  • To prepare the associate members on technologies and operational strategy.
  • To create added-value job opportunities through the associate members.

Source: AMMMT

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