Children of AMLO: who are they and what are their scandals?


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has four children. All have been involved in scandals and have faced various scandals. Here’s an account of who they are and what they’ve done.

Of the times that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been upset at a conference, several of them have been for defending his children from criticism. And it is that from the oldest of the López Beltrán to the youngest, Jesús Ernesto, they have been the target of various accusations. But, who are AMLO’s children and what are their most notorious scandals? Here’s a count.

Who is AMLO’s eldest son?

José Ramón López Beltrán is the eldest of the four children of President López Obrador.   He is the first of the marriage of the current president with Rocío Beltrán Medina , who died in 2003 due to a disease of the immune system. They were married for 24 years.

José Ramón is currently 41 years old and is originally from Tabasco, like his parents. According to statements by the federal president, the name of his eldest son is in honor of his brother, who died when he was a child.

In his close circle he is known as “Joserra” or simply “Jose”, with an emphasis on the o; Lawyer from the Universidad de las Américas in Mexico City, with a registered professional license.

“I am rejected from UNAM, I was about to enter law, but I missed a few points. And then the strike came and I didn’t do any paperwork a second time because it was closed,” José Ramón said in an interview in 2018.

Scandals of José Ramón López Beltrán

One of his first scandals occurred when his father was the head of government of the then Federal District. On Saturday, May 12, 2001, López Beltrán, 19, was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee that hit patrol 27066 of the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI). The patrol was destroyed. The following Monday, López Obrador rejected that the police and sector chiefs had given his son preferential treatment and announced that he would cover the expenses, Reforma published on May 15, 2001.

Then, in July 2007, members of the Justice Commission of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF) announced that José Ramón López was on the payroll of the DF  Attorney General’s Office ,  with the level of deputy director of the area. 

Local deputy José Antonio Zepeda Segura (PAN), a member of the aforementioned commission, declared: “An investigation was ordered of the people who work for the Attorney General’s Office and (the agency) declared that yes, López Obrador’s son did indeed, José Ramón López Beltrán, is at the level of deputy director of the area. This is very delicate, since the young man is a law clerk. (…) It is intolerable that a person who, due to the fact of being the son of a former candidate for the Presidency, is earning a salary, receiving a salary and whose functions are not clearly known, much less who lacks the academic profile and professional for an area deputy director level”. 

After the death of Rocío Beltrán Medina, in January 2003, José Ramón and his brothers were declared universal heirs of their mother. The eldest was named executor. Thus, in August 2003, Adán Augusto López Hernández, today Secretary of the Interior, appeared before Notary Public Number 27 of Tabasco, and exhibited an inventory of the inherited assets: a rustic property of 16.3 hectares (160,000 square meters) and a house in Teapa, they touched José Ramón; two apartments in Copilco – University, in Mexico City, belonged to Andrés Manuel; and a house in Villahermosa, was handed over to Gonzalo Alfonso (then a minor), according to Alberto Aguirre in El Economista. 

Like his brothers, José Ramón joined the Morena structure in 2016. He was appointed as liaison for the Morenoite national committee in the state of Mexico, where elections were approaching.

Carolyn Adams and Jose Ramon Lopez Beltran

In 2019 his courtship with the Brazilian Carolyn Adams was confirmed, during the Government Report event of the first 100 days of his father in the presidency of Mexico, which took place in March of that year, where for the first time they were seen together.

Later, in the First Government Report of September 2 of the same year, the wife of AMLO’s son was already pregnant. That day Carolyn Adams drew attention for wearing Valentino Garavani heels and a beige Channel bag, which currently has a price of 193,370 pesos. 

AMLO’s grandchildren

On January 14, 2020, López Beltrán and his wife became the parents of Salomón Andrés Manuel López Adams.  In April of this year they presented their second son, Levi Mateo. Her family is completed by her first daughter, Natalia, 16 years old.

The relationship between the son of AMLO and Carolyn Adams has been surrounded by controversy. The most notorious has been related to “the gray house” in Houston, Texas. This, after it was revealed that the couple lived in a millionaire value house owned by a partner of Baker Hughes, an oil company that has large contracts with Pemex.

When he came out to clarify the controversy, López Beltrán affirmed that his income comes from his work as legal advisor for KEI Partners, a company owned by Érika and Iván Chávez, children of Daniel Chávez, owner of Grupo Vidanta and honorary advisor of the Mayan Train. 

José Ramón’s trips have also been a source of scandal. In 2018 he was spotted at a luxury hotel in Madrid, Spain, and in March of last year, his wife Carolyn Adams surprised him with a surprise family trip to Aspen. 

Children of AMLO: Andrés Manuel López Beltrán

Andrés Manuel Jr, better known as “Andy”,  is the second son of the federal president. He was born in Macuspana, Tabasco on August 21, 1986. He studied Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), like his father. It does not have professional license registration. 

The political scientist is known for his extensive participation in Morena, especially as coordinator in Mexico City. In the documentary “Esto Soy”, by Epigmenio Ibarra, the second son of the president expressed: “We are not the abusive juniors of power, we are not going to be part of the government, we do not believe in nepotism, we believe that this is one more scourge of this system.”

His first scandals occurred in October 2009. First, the Milenio newspaper published a photo taken during a PRD protest in front of the Senate over taxes. In it, Andrés Manuel, 23, appeared wearing Louis Vuitton brand tennis shoes , designed by singer Kanye West, with a catalog price of 11,900 pesos.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his son Andrés Manuel López Beltrán

The next day, the same medium released details of Andy’s Facebook profile, who was “looking for friendship, dates, sporadic relationships, whatever.” The text was accompanied by photographs that gave an account of his parties, yacht rides and club nights in New York, surrounded by beautiful women. ” López Obrador’s son is a ‘strawberry’ on the left,” headlined the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on November 4, 2009. 

When the López Beltráns joined Morena in 2016, Andy was appointed Coordinator of the Electoral Structure of that party in CDMX. Andrés Manuel Jr. was a sentimental partner of the model, actress and Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser. They were seen together at López Obrador’s inauguration as president of the Republic and at the end of 2019 at a chocolate tasting. The break between the two occurred in April 2020. 

Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, the reason for the resignation of Alfonso Romo

At the end of 2020, Alfonso Romo Gutiérrez resigned from the position of head of the Office of the Presidency. Some time ago it had emerged in the media that Andy was a kind of minister without portfolio in AMLO’s cabinet. He was credited with, for example, the appointment of the Undersecretary of Labor, Marath Barut Bolaños, his former classmate.

He had also reversed Romo’s agreements with the president, such as the opening of the Constellation Brands brewery, which Andy blocked by convincing his father to make a referendum on the matter; or the postponement of the reform on subcontracting (outsourcing). Already in November, Eugenio Nájera, former general director of Nacional Financiera (Nafin), had heard the complaint that Romo confided to his friends: “I’m tired. The president pays more attention to his son than to me, ” Emeequis published.

Andy and the Chocolate Factory

Another larger controversy arose in 2021, after a journalistic investigation revealed that Andy López Beltrán and his brothers were listed as owners of Rocío Chocolate, a trademark registered in July 2019 and whose chocolate is produced in the “El Rocío” cocoa farm, the inheritance of his mother and whose name is in honor of her. Craft beers and soft drinks, made from chocolate, are also made on site.

Both the company and the farm would have benefited from the Sembrando Vida program, implemented by the current government and aimed at reforestation, according to the Connectas report. Official subsidies reach the estates where the López brothers obtain cocoa, the raw material for their manufacturing.

Gonzalo Alfonso López Beltrán, the third of AMLO’s children

Gonzalo Alfonso López Beltrán is the third son of López Obrador. He is 30 years old and is a Sociologist from UNAM. He does not have a registered professional license.

He is another of the owners of “El Rocío”, but until November 2021, according to the newspaper El Universal, he was working on the structure of the Los Gigantes de San Francisco baseball team. He was also in charge of coordinating the Morena committees in Tlaxcala.

In addition, according to the column “The children of the president”, the work of Gonzalo Alfonso aims to promote baseball in the country. Therefore, he has been seen with businessmen from the industry —in a box at the Monterrey Sultanes stadium— such as Carlos Bremer, Carlos Slim and Alfonso Romo.

Like his brother Andrés, he is accused of including his friends in the AMLO government. As we reported last April, at least eight of Gonzalo’s former schoolmates got their first job in the 4T government despite not meeting the profile required for the positions. In some cases, they are not qualified or have no work experience in the areas they lead. These are positions for directors, deputy directors and managers with salaries ranging from 50,000 to 141,000 gross monthly pesos. 

Jesús Ernesto López Gutiérrerez, the youngest son of AMLO and his photos

Jesús Ernesto López Gutiérrez is the youngest son of President López Obrador and the only one he has with the historian and writer Beatriz Gütiérrez Müller.

Jesús Ernesto is 15 years old and is a soccer fan, while his father is passionate about baseball. In social networks he has been the victim of attacks despite his young age, a fact for which his mother made the label #ConLosNiñosNo popular, to reject the various criticisms he has received.

Jesús Ernesto, with his father

And it is that Jesús Ernesto has gone viral since his father was campaigning. So, the boy had a lock of hair dyed blonde, for which he was nicknamed “chocoflan” on social networks, because of the color contrast. To date, in digital media critics of AMLO still use the nickname to refer to his son. 

More recently, other photos of AMLO’s son went viral. In one, where the minor allegedly smoked in an office of the National Palace and in another, where he appears with his father at a baseball game. There, the teenager was attacked because of his physical complexion, a fact that caused the annoyance of his father, who came to his defense. 

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