Walk into Azulik and live the adventure

Trees are an essential element in the design of Azulik Uh May, an artists' community, gallery and home in the jungle near Tulum, Mexico. CBS News

TULUM, QUINTANA ROO.- Walking into Azulik Uh May, with its winding pathways, cascading vines and asymmetric design, is like entering another world. But the point, says Eduardo Neira, is to feel more connected to ours.

Nature is more than a muse for the self-taught architect, who goes by the single name Roth. “Nature is my school,” he said. “You see in the nature there are not square angles, there are no square planets. But in life, we live in square places and we transport in square places and working in square places. So, our mind becomes square.”

Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez asked, “You think we’ve gotten too far away from the natural form?”

A rope bridge connects components of the Azulik resort. CBS News

So, when Roth decided to build an artists’ community, gallery and home in the jungle near Tulum, Mexico, he enlisted the help of the people who knew the land best: the indigenous Mayans.

The design grew organically, with no blueprints.

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