National Police of Colombia trains police officers in Querétaro


Querétaro.- The state governor, Mauricio Kuri González, led the start of the Training Cycle for the Queretaro Police, given by the National Police of Colombia, through the International Office for Anti-Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement ( INL, for its acronym in English). 

“We seek the professionalization of the members of the Security Institutions and make the Queretana Proximity Police an agent of human rights, to have access to justice; thus, we will be complying with the standards demanded by current times”, he stated. 

Kuri González indicated that, through said training, the first and third strategic lines of the State Security Program 2021-2027 are implemented, thus endorsing the commitment of the current state administration to have well-prepared elements, ready to guarantee a free and sovereign environment within everyone’s reach.    

He mentioned that at the end of the training period, the police elements will have a better performance in the operation and conservation of special equipment, the application of tactics, techniques and urban operating procedures, always in strict adherence to Human Rights, for which he thanked the professionalism of each of them. 

He explained that the Queretaro police will also receive academic preparation and complementary training such as the Diploma in Police Resilience and Stress, Institutional Training Plan, Course on Tactical and Urban Operations, as well as the Diploma in Strengthening Competences in Drug Prevention. 

Similarly, they will have advice on Content Structure and Strategies for Digital Media, which includes the management of web pages, intranet and social networks; knowledge that is essential today and that helps to promote the quality and efficiency of the security forces in the state. 

In his message, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Iován Elías Pérez Hernández, highlighted the trajectory and certification of the Colombian National Police, which is part of the Police Community of America, for which he assured that the course is of international stature. , positively permeating the security of the entity.

While the state attorney general, Alejandro Echeverría Cornejo, said that thanks to the Mexico-United States Bicentennial Agreement, the best international practices have been achieved to be applied in Querétaro and thereby take the state police to the next level, for which 410 police officers will participate in various courses and diplomas in areas of vital importance to their function.

In this sense, the instructor of the National Police of Colombia, Edwin Fabián Mateus León, reported that the program will last six months, consisting of 280 hours, in which the necessary tools and knowledge will be shared to assert the State of Law in the entity. 

“In Querétaro we have found a group of brave men and women committed to training, open to expanding their knowledge and interested in serving the citizenry, these elements are essential factors to obtain positive results in security,” he declared.

The Queretaro Post