Casa Sol De Oriente, once you see it, you’ll never forget it


While you may not yet be familiar with the coastal compound of Casa Sol De Oriente, once you see it, you’ll never forget it.

The iconic compound’s bright-yellow facade and palatial structure make it an instantly recognizable landmark, set above the ocean on a flora-laden hillside.

Three tiers of palapa rooftop the house, which opens to terrace space and a poolside deck. LPR Luxury

Although translated to “eastern sun house,” Casa Sol de Oriente sits on the western coast of the Mexican state of Jalisco in the luxury villa enclave of Costa Careyes, between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

Instead of the location, the estate takes the name from the stunning sunrise views afforded by its perched position.

The indoor and outdoor living spaces blend seamlessly. LPR Luxury

Constructed in 1996 by the late Gian Franco Brigone, founder of Costa Careyes, the seaside compound is made up of four separate structures—a star-shaped main house, two one-bedroom bungalows, and a rook-shaped one-bedroom tower.

In addition, the property now includes three-quarters of an acre of adjacent property, known as Los Mandarinos, which sits down the hill along the sea.

Views take in the ocean and coastline. LPR Luxury

Blending multiple architectural styles, the butter-colored home features delicately curved walls, seamless indoor-to-outdoor openings, and a three-tier palapa-style roof.

Living spaces and suites feature monochromatic walls, floors, and ceilings, creating a seamless effect that is only interrupted by wooden shutters and doors that frame views of the jungle and ocean.

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