F1’s Own Paddock Club is the Best Way to See the Mexico Grand Prix


If you are a fan of Formula 1, and there are millions of them, then you may have considered attending an event live. The TV viewing figures for the final race last season amounted to over 100 million people worldwide. But, for some, the only way to enjoy the experience fully is by attending in person.

The Mexican Grand Prix is on October 31st, of this year, and many fans will be planning how to attend already. For those wishing to watch on TV, there are plenty of options but for those who want the VIP experience, there is another choice.

There is official hospitality for each Grand Prix, and this is known as the Paddock Club, and if you are traveling to Mexico, you might be interested to know what this entails.

What is the Paddock Club?

The Formula One Group is a well-oiled machine, no pun intended, and each area is overseen with intense scrutiny. The hospitality that is provided for VIPs and fans is no different. Formula 1 is a unique experience that is enjoyed by all age groups, and by many different nationalities.

It is a worldwide sport that is watched in homes across the globe. It is unique in that it is one of the few sports that is inaccessible to play, and is enjoyed by spectators only.

To make this viewing experience the best it can be, F1 has a number of options for attending the races. The Paddock Club is the official hospitality for anyone who chooses this more exclusive route to the race.

The Paddock Club Mexico is waiting for those who want the best hospitality, and exclusive access to certain areas of the track, and the people behind the action.

Can I attend the Mexican Grand Prix without the Paddock Club?

Yes, tickets are available to the general public for different seating areas at the track. The race is in Mexico City, and tickets can be bought online, and at official agents.

No doubt, there will be travel agents offering packages with flights and tickets to the Grand Prix. What they won’t be allowed to sell, is tickets to the Paddock Club unless they are one of the few approved agents.

The Paddock Club was put into place to add something extra to race days, and it could be a unique one-off experience for some.

Why does the Paddock Club enhance the Grand Prix experience?

If you are lucky enough to be invited as a VIP to the Paddock Club, then you will likely have a better experience than the average fan. That isn’t to say that F1 isn’t exciting for everyone in attendance, it’s just that the Paddock Club adds something more to the occasion.

There are some reasons listed below why the Paddock Club could enhance a race day for those who attend. Obviously, everything comes at a price, but for those who are traveling to Mexico, the event could be turned into a long-lasting memory.

Here is why the Paddock Club could lift your Mexico City Grand Prix from the truly exciting to extraordinary.

Chance to meet the drivers and the teams

Potentially, you could get up close to the teams and drivers and ask some direct questions in an organized session over the weekend. Before and after the races, the Paddock Club has access to the drivers for a questions and answers session on Saturday, and Sunday.

In May, Checo Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix. The first Mexican ever to do so, so the Mexican Grand Prix is heating up to be a great time for the local sports star, and you could get to ask him any burning questions you have. And, perhaps congratulate him on a win.

Go behind the scenes

You could also get up close with the cars, and the teams behind their success. Exclusive access to the team garages and a tour throughout is available from the Paddock Club.

There are also tours in the Paddock which could lead to you meeting, or at least being close, to the various celebrities and stars who like to attend F1.

Better seating and views

There is the option to head for the grandstand seating if you wish, or you could take your place above the pit lane and garages. The Paddock Club works to provide the race fan with the chance to be as close to the unfolding events as can be.

See the track or pit lane

While you cannot actually walk the track you will get special access to certain areas. You will get private access to the circuit, and at specially set times, there are pit lane walkabouts.

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez has been hosting the Mexico City Grand Prix since the 1960s, and this is a great chance to get much closer than the average fan ever could.

Enjoy the best cuisine and champagne

The Paddock Club provides entertainment from F1 simulators to the Parade Truck Tour, but they haven’t forgotten to feed their guests either.

This is all about luxury, and the Paddock Club aims to give the F1 enthusiast the best experience. A gourmet lunch begins with a starter followed by a buffet to please any hungry F1 fan.

Champagne, fine wines, beer, and soft drinks also flow in the all-day open bar. Though, if you are drinking, you might want to consider your transport options.

Can you book transport and hotels through the Paddock Club?

In Mexico City, the Paddock Club uses five-star accommodation for their guests including The Hyatt Regency, and St. Regis.

As for transport, transfers can be arranged in a number of ways. There are standard airport transfers to your hotel but in a luxury vehicle of course. Then there are further transfers to the circuit, and these can take the stress out of travel. Especially if you choose to go by helicopter.

For those who are truly looking to spoil themselves, and make Mexico an incredible memory, private jets are available at a price.

What should you wear?

The Paddock Club has been designed to provide luxury hospitality, so it is expected that guests dress accordingly. Smart casual clothes are completely acceptable, but shorts, sandals, and tracksuits most certainly aren’t.

One other thing to consider is to not wear any team merchandise. This is especially true when attending the pit lane tour or any aspect of the Paddock Club. This is considerate when respecting the actual teams and drivers who will be racing and working that weekend. Of course, merchandise is easily available for purchase at the circuit though.


At the time of writing, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez had just caught his 20th podium finish in F1. All signs point to an exciting battle in Mexico this year, and surely the national will be one of the favorites to win.

The chance to see him and the other drivers in action will be tantalizing for many Formula 1 fanatics, but the event could be enhanced even further by being treated like a VIP.

Michelin standard food, champagne, exclusive access, and luxury airport and circuit transfers can make a race weekend into something unforgettable.

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