USD-Peso exchange rate this Sunday, June 5


The exchange rate placed the peso at a loss against the dollar, so if you want to change some bills you will get less money.

Mexico.- The exchange rate for this Sunday, June 5, indicates that the peso remained stable against the dollar compared to the previous day, however, it closed on Friday with a negative week, here we tell you how much it is worth in case you want to change some bills and find out how much you will receive.

On this day, the dollar was quoted at 19.58 on average according to the main banks in the country, while the average exchange rate of the dollar in the market is 19.35 for purchase and for sale is 19.82 pesos.

Price of the dollar in the main banks

  • Banamex buys at 18.9700 and sells at 20.0600
  • HSBC Mexico buys at 19.17 and sells at 19.86
  • BBVA Bancomer buys at 18.93 and sells at 19.84
  • Banorte buys at 18.45 and sells at 19.85
  • Banco Azteca buys at 18.65 and sells at 19.59
  • Santander buys at 19.53 and sells at 21.06
  • Claim buy at 18.60 and sell at 20.10
  • BanCoppel buys at 18.98 and sells at 19.76

On Thursday it was announced that private payrolls in the United States increased less than expected during the month of April, which generated some pessimism among investors.

They said that the US economy is still in a slow process of recovery, affected, among other things, by high levels of inflation, which is why some investors are choosing to move their investments to emerging assets, which offer better returns compared to treasury bonds.


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