When is the best time of the year to visit the Riviera Maya?


Sun-seekers will appreciate the Riviera Maya’s year-round rays. However, if you’re particular about your weather, there are a few things to keep in mind.

January through March visitors can expect a more temperate climate, with temperatures ranging from about 73 F to 77 F. Rainy days are rather rare during this time, with January averaging five days of rain and February and March averaging just three.

April and May bring in hotter days, with the average temperature hitting 79 to 81 F. The rain is minimal, however, there may be one unwanted guest in the spring months: the foul-smelling brown sargassum seaweed that infests beaches seasonally.

June, July, and August can feel sweltering, with average temperatures peaking at 82 F. And, though the threat is relatively low, June to October is officially hurricane season in Rivera Maya.

November and December usher in the more pleasant temperatures again, pulling back to 77 F to 75 F respectively. So really, the best time to visit is whenever feels best to you.

With information from Travel + Leisure

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