Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez is having a successful career in Hollywood


Eiza González is one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, thanks to her scene-stealing performance in 2017’s “Baby Driver” and the 2021 hit “Godzilla vs. Kong.” While some movie fans may just be getting to know González, she’d already had a successful show business career in her native Mexico for years before she landed high-profile gigs in American films.

González has been performing since she was a child, acting on several telenovelas, and at one point was even a Spanish pop star. These days though, González seems to be taking Tinseltown by storm, especially with her first starring role in Michael Bay’s 2022 film “Ambulance.”

Like many of her fellow movie stars, González’s personal life has made headlines. The former Nickelodeon star has not only been romantically linked to actors Liam Hemsworth and Timothée Chalamet in the past, but as of May 2022, she was reportedly dating “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa, following his split from Lisa Bonet.

An insider dished to People, “They’ve been spending time together when they can and making it work between their two busy schedules.”

González seems to have quite the busy schedule indeed, between her acting career, her behind-the-scenes projects, and her work with brands. With that said, it should come as no surprise that González has a pretty impressive bank account.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2022, González is worth $5 million. So how exactly has González accumulated that money? Let’s break it down.

Eiza González has a money-making acting career

It’s safe to say that Eiza González has made most of her millions from acting, as she’s landed role after role since she was a kid. Evidently, leaving her home country to pursue a career in Hollywood paid off, but not without time and effort. As she said to Nexos Magazine (via Daily Mail), “It was not easy, but I have been fortunate to work consistently since the day I set foot in the United States.”

However, as she told Refinery29, she had to break away from being typecast as “the hot Latina.” She recalled to the outlet, “I struggled slightly with being able to get out of a stereotype … especially the way that I started my career.”

González was eventually able to show off her range with the 2020 Netflix comedy/drama “I Care A Lot” and the 2019 blockbuster actioner “Hobbs & Shaw.” Since 2019, The Numbers has listed González as one of the highest-grossing stars each year.

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