Visit Xochimilco’s creepy Island of the Dolls (VIDEO)


Maybe one of the most popular tourist attractions, “La Isla de la Munecas”, which is a Spanish name, means the Island of the Dolls. Sounds already scary, isn’t it? Actually, this is a sad island that was never meant to be a tourist destination.

The story of the island full of dolls started when the life of a poor little girl was cut too short.

When it comes to the geographical part, well, the Island of the Dolls sits right in the canals south of Mexico City. As soon as you will start your journey, you will see hundreds of terrifying, mutilated dolls.

If you are a fan of thriller movies, you will enjoy seeing all those decapitated heads of the dolls, the adorn trees, and all those scary fences.

The dolls in the daylight look like you don’t want to play, but if you visit “La Isla de la Munecas”  in the dark, they can be really haunting.

The Story of the Island

As you might expect, the island’s origins lie in a tragic story. Let’s go back in the past and find out the reason why this unique place exists in Mexico. The story starts with the only inhabitant of the island, which was Don Julian Santana.

Somewhere about 50 years ago, this man found the body of a child in the canal. She appeared to have drowned. Since that day, Don Julian Santana was haunted by her death.

But the whole story with the dolls started when this man saw a doll floating by the canal. As soon as he saw that doll, he hung it in a tree in the memory of this girl. This way, he hoped that the tortured soul of the girl would be protected from further evil.

One Doll Was Not Enough

However, he felt like one doll in a tree was not enough to ease the soul of this girl. As such, he felt like he needed to continue fishing for dolls and dolls parts around the island. He carefully took lots of dolls and started hanging them from the trees.

However, there were not enough canal dolls to ease the spirit of that poor little girl.

The Stories Behind Isla de la Munecas

We can continue the stories about this strange island over and over again. Some said Don Julian went crazy and believed all those hung dolls were real children.

But finally, the truth said by his family is that Don Julian always thought that the island was hunted by the spirit of the dead girl.

For this reason and maybe some more, Don Julian himself believed that by hanging all those dolls in the trees, the soul of that girl will be happy and kept away from the evil spirit.

Stories are interesting and spooky, as such, the island is now full of tourists that are looking for an adventure in their visit to Mexico.

Good To Know Before You Come Here

The first thing to know is that this island is 17 miles south of Mexico City. Your way will last only four hours and you will pay around $75. During the ride, we recommend you to keep an eye out for the wildlife.

You might see some cute, exotic creatures, such as egrets, kingfishers, several species of water snakes, or pelicans.

Source: Youtube

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